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    Our clinic is located in one of the best neighbours in Istanbul in Atasehir. Our highly-educated qualified surgeons will provide the best possible hair transplant that you have been dreaming of.

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    One of our happy patients is explaining his amazing experience at Vantage Hair Clinic. You can find more testimonials on our Instagram and YouTube channel.

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    3400 Grafts

    3400 Grafts Hair Transplant (FUE Method)

    5200 Grafts

    5200 Grafts Hair Transplant (FUE Method)

    4400 Grafts

    4400 Grafts Hair Transplant (FUE Method)

    3400 Grafts

    3400 Grafts Hair Transplant (FUE Method)

    6000 Grafts

    6000 Grafts Hair Transplant (FUE Method)

    Female hair transplant procedure

    Vantage Hair Restoration specializes in female hair transplant procedure. We use Sapphire FUE with Smart Grafting method to extract and implant your healthiest hair to achieve the highest success rate. We do guarantee the most natural hairline with our experienced team!

    We Change Your Hair, You Change Your Life

    Beard transplant

    Beard transplant

    At Vantage, we specialize in beard transplants that provide a fuller, more natural-looking beard. Our precise techniques ensure each hair complements your facial features, enhancing both density and appearance.

    Eyebrow transplant

    Eyebrow transplant

    At Vantage, we offer expert eyebrow transplants to restore or enhance your eyebrows’ natural fullness and shape. Our precise approach ensures that each follicle is perfectly placed for results that look beautifully natural and harmonious with your facial aesthetics.

    Afro hair transplant

    Afro hair transplant

    At Vantage, we specialize in Afro hair transplants, understanding the unique techniques required for textured hair. Our skilled approach ensures each follicle is carefully placed to achieve natural density and an authentic hair pattern, tailored to your individual style.

    Unshaven hair transplant

    Unshaven hair transplant

    At Vantage, our unshaven hair transplant option allows you to maintain your current hairstyle while enhancing hair density discreetly. This technique involves transplanting hair without the need to shave the recipient area, offering a seamless and natural addition to your existing hair.


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