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Conor McGregor is the man everyone thinks of when it comes to sheer awesomeness in the realm of mixed martial arts. The Irishman, prominent for his snobby attitude, incredible fighting expertise, and larger-than-life personality, is a real legend of the sport. Portraying an aggressive, fast-paced, and downright dangerous fighting style, one thing is for sure; he’s not afraid to bring the heat.

McGregor is also a master of self-promotion. He certainly knows how to talk the talk and walk the walk, and he’s never been shy about his immense desire for wealth, fame, and success. In the world of Gen-Z, that’s all that matters anyways. May he not have been a professional fighter, he would have made it in the domain of social media PR for sure.

Opposite to the way he wants to be perceived in the world, our focal point today will be one of his weaknesses, in particular; his hair loss condition. Let’s see if Conor’s ferocious persona chose to get over it, or did he in fact find a solution for his weakening hair? Let’s dig in deep!

Conor McGregor’s Iconic Hairstyles Over the Years

conor mcgregor hairstyles

Also known for his iconic hairstyles McGregor has experimented quite a bit with various cuts, colours, and styles that characterised an important part of his playbook. Let’s cherish some of McGregor’s most memorable hairstyles:

conor mcgregor hairstyles buzz cut
McGregor wore a straightforward buzz cut when he initially began his boxing career. The purpose of this simple haircut was to keep his hair short and manageable while performing a highly physical and messy activity.

conor mcgregor hairstyles bowl cut

McGregor’s bowl cut deviated from his typically short hairstyle, but it quickly established itself as a classic. This hairdo gave McGregor a youthful appeal because it was longer on top and shorter on the sides.

conor mcgregor hairstyles the fade

With shaved sides and longer hair on top that can be done in a variety of ways, McGregor’s fade is a contemporary classic. For McGregor, who has experimented with many fades, including a high fade and a low fade, this hairdo has come to symbolize his personal style.

conor mcgregor hairstyles undercut

McGregor has worn variations of the undercut, a daring hairdo, over the years. This haircut has a longer, styleable top with longer sides that are shaved. McGregor has experimented with various textures and lengths, such as slicked-back and untidy looks.

conor mcgregor hairstyles man bun

Although McGregor’s man bun was a controversial choice, which quickly emerged as one of his most iconic looks. This hairdo had shorter hair on the sides and a bun that was securely pushed back. McGregor’s man bun was a statement of flair and self-assurance, demonstrating his appetite for taking risks.

conor mcgregor hairstyles comb over

The comb-over McGregor wore was an homage to vintage Hollywood hairdos. This hairdo had shorter hair on the sides and longer hair on top that was brushed to one side. McGregor’s comb-over was a wink to vintage glamor and demonstrated his willingness to experiment.

Understanding Conor McGregor’s Battle with Hair Loss

conor mcgregor hair loss

One thing is for sure; his hair is very precious to the man. To the image, he worked so hard to create. His iconic looks were all achieved with hairdos and to play around with hair, you must have plenty of it. Conor McGregor’s battle with hair loss is, therefore, a combo of Testosterone, Attitude, and Determination.

To his fans, he would have been the same legend even with a bald head, since he rocks a perfectly rounded skull anyway, but this isn’t about them. This, to Conor, has been about him, his insecurities, genetics, and his ability to solve problems that he did not even create.

Did Conor McGregor Get a Hair Transplant?

conor mcgregor hair hair transplant

There’s been a bazillion of talk and rumors that Conor has had a hair transplant but it has not been confirmed by him. Oh well, he’s free to ignore and cover up the inconvenient truth but we know exactly what he did last Summer!

Since the social media (his accounts included) is full of his pictures left and right, dressed up and topless, it wasn’t hard to spot. One picture in particular had him with a shaved head from up close where it’s impossible not to notice the post-op FUE hair transplant scabs. These are typical lesions that quickly heal following a Follicular Unit Extraction due to micro incisions made on the scalp.

Comparing Conor McGregor’s Hair Before and After Transplant

conor mcgregor before and after hair transplant

The most obvious differences are in his hairline and hair density. It’s not even a slight change when you look closer. His soft baby hair has become plenty, they also happen to appear healthier and thicker. So, yeah… Quite a bit of positive difference and he rocks it!

Which Hair Transplant Technique Was Used?

conor mcgregor hair transplant fue

As briefly mentioned in the above section, it could only have been the FUE method with the evidence of visible scabs. The other popular option would have been a FUT=Follicular Unit Transplantation a.k.a. the STRIP technique which often leaves visible linear scarring. Conor has no signs of such scarring. His transplanted hair also healed fast enough without giving any clues, so that’s an FUE.

Graft Count: How Many Grafts Were Transplanted?

Opposite to his testosterone looks, Conor’s hair type is baby-hair-like thin, soft hair. He’s also somewhat blonde so it’s hard to nail the exact number of grafts that may have been transplanted on him.

If we take the scabby picture of him and a few other close-ups as a reference, we could say that he has had no less than 2000 grafts transplanted.

How Much Did Conor McGregor’s Hair Transplant Cost?

conor mcgregor new hair transplant after

It must have cost him a fortune as a celebrity and we doubt that he cares about his type of net worth. The question is; how much should YOU pay for a quality hair transplant with the same number of grafts and a similar look?

You should be informed that most professional and reputable hair transplant clinics charge by the graft. One hair graft may carry more than one (often two or three) hairs attached to it but you’d be paying according to the total number of grafts transplanted on you.

Remember that you don’t have to bear a Hollywood-scale cost to get this type of result. Love is all around you if you just look for it…

Conor McGregor’s Hair Transformation: A Closer Look

conor mcgregor hair loss front

In essence, Conor had a common condition behind his uncommon personality. From a relatively early age, he first started shedding some hair on both his temples, followed by weakened density and a deteriorating hairline.

The aging process plays an important role when it comes to common male pattern baldness. This is where you want to time things right to still have enough donor hair on other parts of your scalp, in order to undergo a hair transplant. Conor was on time, be like Conor.

Don’t settle for less than Conor McGregor’s hair. Let us help you with a hair transplant!

conor mcgregor new hair smile

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