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Analyzing the hair struggles of an actor as famous and affluent as Andrew Garfield, we can confidently say that true wealth is your health.
In reality, for mainstream individuals who aren’t Andrew Garfield, there aren’t too many things we are in control of, including our health and the way we look. The decision to change this sometimes comes as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
In this analysis, we want to see if Andrew Garfield sets a good example as a role model when it comes to hair loss by taking control.
Not all celebrities are the same and they also don’t have the same pattern of hair loss but let’s take a look if Spiderman joined the ranks of the famous with hair transplants.

Andrew Garfield’s Iconic Hairstyles Over The Years

andrew garfield different hair styles

So, Andrew Garfield extraordinaire’s hairstyles changed like a chameleon, often due to his profession and the different characters he brought to the screen.

Let’s take a look at his journal of hair evolution over the years.

andrew garfield the normie hair
In his baby-step days in Hollywood, Garfield’s hair was just classic. He had an effortless the boy next door look. He was very young back then but the boyish hair made him look even younger.

andrew garfield spiderman hair

We all know the look but to sum it up it was cut sleek, stylish, and unmistakably heroic with just the right amount of volume. His Spiderman hair perfectly complemented his portrayal of everyone’s favorite superhero.

andrew garfield academy awards hair

As Garfield’s career reached new heights, so did his hairstyle. During his Oscar-nominated turn in Hacksaw Ridge, he rocked a more polished look. His hair was neatly styled, with a side part that added a touch of sophistication to his red carpet appearance.

andrew garfield chameleon era hair

Every time people make a change in their hair, it often symbolizes a new beginning. But for an actor, hair change only means taking on diverse roles. From a shaggy mop in Under the Silver Lake to a slicked-back hairdo in Silence, Andrew Garfield’s hairstyles simply reflected the characters he portrayed.

andrew garfield quarantine hair

As lockdowns kept everyone away from their hairdressers, Garfield was no exception. His quarantine hair with a longer than usual length spoke to a sense of rebellion and freedom.

andrew garfield boy band hair

A fresh breeze, his new hairdo is, in fact, a smart styling trick to hide his widow’s peak. We see him with a shorter cut on the sides and a modern messy (and moussy) style that is kept longer on top.

Understanding Andrew Garfield’s Battle With Hair Loss

The first indication of hair loss often shows itself on the temples and that’s exactly what happened to Andrew Garfield in his mid-twenties. It wasn’t alarming or even noticeable at that stage and it is, therefore, crucial for young men to keep their hairline in check at all times.

For the following decade up until 2018, Garfield didn’t see any drastic hair fall to frighten him. However, in just one year from that, his hair loss sped up, suddenly taking him to a Norwood 3 at age 36. For the majority of men, mid-thirties is when hair loss accelerates and it is a normal age (if not a generous one) to anticipate it.

The thing is, other men in Andrew’s immediate family are all gloriously bald, regardless of their age. If anything, the hereditary factor must have been a concern to Garfield alongside the hair fall speed.

andrew garfield hair transplant before after result

Comparing Andrew Garfield’s Hair Before And After

Garfield had dense, healthy hair until his mid-thirties and he is blessed for that. However, the state of the opening on his temple areas is unfortunately quite advanced by now. He will, therefore, not opt for a buzzcut anytime soon.

Garfield probably knows that hair-loss-smart styling goes only for a few years before he can no longer hide it. Let’s see how he is coping with hair loss and if you should follow his hair decisions.

Did Andrew Garfield Get A Hair Transplant?

andrew garfield hair transplant before and after result

As it so happens in the dark hole of the web, there are too many rumors going on about Andrew Garfield’s hair transplant. In our opinion, those claiming that he has had a hair transplant are mistaken.

Garfield may be using hair vitamins or is perhaps on finasteride but there are no signs of a hair transplant because his hairline has not changed at all. The diffusion on the top of his hair and his receding sides are visible at times when he styles it wrong and this points us in the right direction: No Hair Transplant or none just yet.

Any self-compassionate person with healthy donor hair in his shoes would have long had a hair transplant though. It is an entirely personal decision, of course, but quite a gamble for an actor whatever his reasons are. No crying later Andrew!

We can say with a high degree of confidence that the adoption and the technology of a hair transplant have already become the new normal. So much so that those who doubt about getting one (on time) will be sorry forever.

Which Hair Transplant Technique Was Used?

This is something Garfield should discuss with his hair transplant surgeon but to get a natural finish on his hairline while having artistic flexibility, the FUE method is a great choice. It also has the shortest healing time among hair transplant methods because the micro incisions made, heal very quickly due to their size.

Graft Count: How Many Grafts Were Transplanted?

The state of Andrew Garfield’s hair could get away with 2000 grafts but the optimal would be 3000 to 3500 grafts to work on density alongside hairline restoration.

Having said that, a 2000 graft hair transplant is a mediocre one compared to a 3500 graft hair transplant which may last for an added couple of hours. We would never recommend cutting down on grafts as long as you have sufficient donor supply. A hair transplant should be something you get done and leave behind and thus, going heavy is often better than going light with the grafts.

How Much Did Andrew Garfield’s Hair Transplant Cost?

hair transplant before after andrew garfield

Honestly, where we recommend and where thousands choose to go, not much. However, Garfield would most likely decide to stay local to protect his privacy. Based on a 3000 graft FUE hair transplant he would spend at least 21k for just the procedure itself (consultations, tests, and post-op medications excluded that is).

On the other hand, a top-quality FUE hair transplant in Istanbul, known as the top trusted destination for hair transplants, costs a mere $2500 to $3000 for the same number of grafts. The Istanbul bill does include all consultations, medical tests, medications, VIP transfers, luxury accommodation, and the best patient care ever on offer.

This means that if you have concerns about going bald and can spare a couple of thousands for a hair transplant, you shouldn’t be sitting on cash instead of taking up a life-changing, heartwarming opportunity.

Don’t Settle For Less Than Andrew Garfield’s Hair Transplant. Let Us Help You Get Your Dream Hair!

andrew garfield hair transplant before and after

For some reason (and that reason is marketing) when a new Apple phone is released, everyone’s lined up around the corner. This should just be the case to get a hair transplant because it is actually life-changing rather than just offering a wider caption camera.
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