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Named as The Most Valuable Player (MVP) five times, Brady has numerous accomplishments leading his teams to victory. While his performance deserves lots of cheering, today we will be analyzing one of his personal accomplishments to extract some valuable information: Tom Brady’s Hair Transplant.

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Without further due, let’s begin our deep dive into Tom Brady’s hair secrets and reasons why he’s looking his best now despite his age.

Tom Brady’s Iconic Hairstyles Over the Years

tom brady hairstyles

tom brady caesar cut hair
When Tom Brady was still early into his sports career in the early 2000s, he had a simple, clean, and classic hairstyle with short, horizontally straight cut bangs.

tom brady slicked back hair

In the 2010s, Brady had more hair to play with and he opted for a more polished, slicked-back hairstyle. This sophisticated style complemented his marriage to supermodel Gisele Bundchen and cemented his reputation as a fashion-athlete.

tom brady long hair

The reason why many remember Tom Brady with long hair is because he made lots of public appearances at that time with then-fiancee Gisele Bundchen. One of the hottest Tom Brady looks is his long-haired version which also coincided with the time he was on fire on the field.

tom brady groomed hair

As Brady advances in his forties, he now has a comfortable yet chic hairstyle in line with his age and elegance. This look reflects him both as a player and as an affluent individual.

Understanding Tom Brady’s Battle With Hair Loss

Born in 1977, Tom Brady is known to be a very successful looksmaxxing aficionado. His model-grade squared jawline made it to a number of fashion mag covers. His lush hair of today, however, just like the curiously sharpened jawline, wasn’t always a part of his features. Perhaps, having a supermodel ex-wife for over a decade may have influenced his beauty outlook, tempting him to do everything in his control to look his best self.

But let’s break this down and focus on his hair situation. By the time Brady was 25 years old (that’s more than two decades ago), a significant portion of his frontal hair was affected by hair loss. And because he has a long face with sharp angles, hair loss made it look disproportionate and just out of balance.

In those years (from 2002 to 2005), we watched him battle hair loss to no avail.

The question therefore is; how did Brady manage to sustain a full head of hair since he started receding more than two decades ago and what did he do about it?

tom brady hair transplant before after result

Comparing Tom Brady’s Hair Before And After

Tom Brady has been on the scene for a while now. The first signs of his male pattern alopecia were already apparent in his mid-twenties. He was typically receding in his temples in 2003 and 2004.

Starting from 2005 however, we observe the positive changes in his hairline and hair density. 2005 marked an important year for Brady because the signs of his male pattern baldness were only left on his pictures and videos, to never make a comeback.

Later in his thirties and forties, Brady literally thrived in the way he looked. We don’t always see men looking their best as they age but Tom Brady has simply written A Men’s Guide to Looking Greater as You Get Older.

Did Tom Brady Get A Hair Transplant?

All pieces of the puzzle fall in the right place when we follow the assumption that Brady did in fact have a hair transplant. Based on all of the evidence, it is heavily suspected that his hair transplant must have happened in 2005.

tom brady hair transplant before and after

Which Hair Transplant Technique Was Used?

Today, there are a number of hair transplant methods and each technique can result in a very high success rate. This was not so much the case in 2005, and the individual hair transplant method FUE was not practiced as widely.

However, there’s no evidence to suggest that Brady underwent a strip or a FUT hair transplant which leaves an easy to spot scar. This linear scar is often seen on one side or the back of the head. It is impossible to miss that with a buzz cut and Brady does not have such a scar.

This leaves us with the only other option: FUE. Looking at Brady’s hairline and the way his temples were filled in, it all makes sense that the surgeon had the flexibility to work on receding areas hair graft by hair graft to create the desired natural look.

Graft Count: How Many Grafts Were Transplanted?

A micro-measurement applied to the distances on Tom Brady’s forehead before and after 2005 indicates a hair transplant of at least 1500 grafts. Given that along with his hairline correction, some added density is the case, the number of grafts may go up to 2000.

How Much Did Tom Brady’s Hair Transplant Cost?

tom brady hair transplant before after

The cost of a hair transplant will vary depending on location and graft count. Also, no one knows the exact amount paid by Brady but let’s bring out the numbers anyway.

So he resides in Florida which means a $5 to $7 per graft cost. Say he had a 2000 graft transplant (btw he may be getting touch-ups every now and then for maintenance) which comes to $14,000 just for the procedure itself. Doctors consultations, medical tests, post-procedure medications, and everything else is always extra in the US.

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tom brady hair transplant before and after result

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