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Many people suffer from extreme hair loss and/or balding due to genetics, certain medicines, health conditions, or ageing. Such significant hair loss can lead to a look that some people are unhappy about. A hair transplant is an attractive solution to the effects of hair loss because it offers long-term and significant results, and for various reasons an hair transplant in Istanbul is one of the best solutions for severe hair loss.

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Keep reading to learn about FUE and DHI hair transplants in Istanbul and see if it is what you have been looking for.

What are the transplant techniques?

Because of the increasing interest in hair transplant operations, hair transplant technology and procedures have gone through great changes over the years.

Hair plugs were the first method that was used for hair transplant which was followed by the follicular unit transplant (FUT) method. Today, follicular unit extraction (FUE) and its improved version Direct hair implantation (DHI) are the most commonly preferred techniques for both shaved and unshaven hair transplants.

The FUE method

The development of the FUE method involves extracting the healthy hair follicles one by one instead of removing a strip skin. It has significantly improved the success rate and decreased the scarring of hair transplant operations.

Compared to previous hair transplant techniques, the FUE technique offers a much more natural result and allows for covering wider areas. This is why the FUE method has changed the game for many people considering getting a hair transplant. An FUE hair transplant in Istanbul can give you the hair transplant results you have been dreaming about.

Step by step FUE method

FUE hair transplant procedure steps

How does the FUE method work?

The FUE method is based on the extraction of individual hair grafts which are follicular units that contain 1 to 6 hair follicles. In contrast to other hair transplant methods that involve removing a chunk of hair, the FUE method is much more discrete.

Individual hair grafts are extracted from a donor area with healthy hair follicles and collected in a suitable environment before they can be transplanted into the target area. The manual punch technique or a punch tool is used to extract the hair follicles. They should be collected in an environment that protects the viability of the hair follicles. Then, the hair grafts are transplanted into the microchannels created at the target area. These microchannels are non-invasive and leave little to no scarring.

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The DHI method

The DHI hair transplant method is also a very popular method of hair transplant in Istanbul. This technique is an improved version of the FUE method. The DHI method is preferred for ease of operation, shorter surgery times, and more natural results.

How does the DHI method work?

In DHI hair transplant, a special tool called the Choi pen is used to extract and load the hair graft simultaneously. The hair graft can then be directly transplanted into the target area. This removes the need for collecting the hair grafts in a separate environment and creating microchannels for each hair graft.

Step by step DHI method

DHI hair transplant procedure steps


Difference between DHI and FUE techniques

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Are there other techniques?

Yes, besides FUE and DHI methods, you can find your hair restoration solution for a youthful look with NeoGraft method or FIT Technique. There is also Scalp Micropigmentation & Hair Tattoo for people who are in search for a less invasive approach.

We know that with all of the options on the table, Hair Restoration keeps getting confusing. If you are confused with the location of your transplant, the answers lay below. If you decided on Istanbul as your location and you are confused with the technique you will choose, feel free to reach us and our team of experts on WhatsApp and get your consultation for free!