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The majority of male pattern baldness, and thus, hair loss, is a common hereditary condition. If we put this in a simple analogy; what happens when you inherit debt? In some legislations, you actually have to pay it back. But don’t you worry, we’re here to break the good news that inherited hair loss patterns can be reversed!
Joe Buck did it despite his severely bald dad Jack Buck, many celebrities and ordinary people do it every day. It’s called a hair transplant. In this piece, you’ll find out that a top-quality hair transplant should not be and is not something reserved for the affluent. With a $35M net worth, Joe Buck can buy all that his heart desires with his buck, but for the rest of hair loss sufferers, it’s an opportunity no one can afford to miss.
Far from being a degen gamble, a hair transplant is an accessible human right if your medical conditions qualify you for one. You don’t need to yolo your pension into it. Over 98% success rates are very much in play when you know where to go. Make sure to read till the end to find out where Joe Buck should have gone instead and where you can have a top-quality hair transplant at a fair cost.
Now let’s take a deep dive into Joe Buck’s hair reversal adventure to extract the good and leave the bad.

Did Joe Buck Get A Hair Transplant?

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Following Daddy’s footsteps, Joe Buck pursued the exact same rare career as a sports commentator. Known as “the hair plug addict”, common knowledge is that he has had a few too many hair transplants.
In the October 2016 edition of Sports Illustrator mag, author Richard Deitsch claims that Buck’s worst nightmare has always been hair loss. According to Deitsch, Buck had his very first hair transplant in NYC at age 24, followed by many others at every interval he got from the screen.
Buck was having internal monologues that he is doing it for the sake of his TV career but this is just bending the truth. Come 2011, he had his hair transplant number 8. The 8th transplant strangely caused vocal cord damage because of the ventilation cord sitting on his throat for long hours. He was put on full anesthesia, which is not standard procedure for a hair transplant. Today, light sedation and/or local anesthesia are the practice.
He then went on a hair transplant diet which didn’t last very long. He went for the lucky 9th hair transplant a few years later with a different surgeon, this time in LA.

How Many Grafts Did Joe Buck Get in Hair Transplant?

This is a hard one to do the math but it was a lot. Buck was sitting in 6 to 8-hour sessions each time which today are considered ultra mega giga sessions. With today’s advancements, a skillful surgeon can achieve to transplant 2500 to 3000 hair grafts with high precision in about 4 hours.
Having said that, the technique where hair grafts are transplanted one by one is called FUE. Buck’s first few hair transplants were FUT as FUE did not exist in the 90ies.

Joe Buck Hair Before And After Hair Transplant

joe buck hair transplant before and after result

Buck’s hair transplant obsession started early and he went for the first one before his hair loss was noticeable from the outside. He kept adding hair transplant after hair transplant to his collection, so he isn’t the best candidate for a before/after shock. Think of it like maintenance sessions so that he never saw himself with a worryingly recessed hairline. Did it work out for him? Most definitely. Looking at his father knowing what is to come, he didn’t let it happen and he deserves a standing ovation for his determination.

Which Hair Transplant Clinic Did Joe Buck Choose?

joe buck hair transplant before and after

Obviously not recommended by us or Joe Buck due to serious complications that were caused, his first 8 hair transplants happened in New York City. The more successful grand finale was handled by Dr. Parsa Mohebi in LA.
Joe Buck’s hair transplant story is so long, it would make a great book (in fact he did publish his memoirs and more than half of its content is about his hair transplants). It is also proof that the so called celebrity surgeons aren’t necessarily all good at what they do while charging a fortune.

How Much Did Joe Buck’s Hair Transplant Cost?

Our guesstimation is that Buck must have spent well over $100k in total to restore his hair.
What a top-quality FUE hair transplant actually costs, based on a 2000 graft procedure is a humble $2000, if you know where to go.

Planning To Have A Hair Transplant? Reach Us To Achieve A Better Result Than Joe Buck!

joe buck hair transplant before after result

Hair transplant is immutable and disappointing NYC hair clinics won’t change that. We are in this together. There are people in the hair transplant space who don’t really understand what it means to have your life changed and that a hair transplant is your hedge against depression and damaged self-esteem.
Everyone should do their own belief work to change their own life and when ready, Vantage Clinic can help. If you are given the green light after the FREE online consultation and are fit to undergo a hair transplant, you may start celebrations because it means that your life is about to change.
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