Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey starts from $2.200.

Initially there are three major steps to makeup your hair transplant plan in Turkey.

Step 1: learn the exact Norwood Zone you are planning the hair transplantation on

Step 2: Learn the Cost of Per Graft and decide the number of grafts you want to be transplanted.

Step 3: Choosing the right package which may include the Clinic with good reviews, Experienced Doctors and Hygienic Accommodation.

Full Journey of Hair Transplant in Turkey

Before reviewing the important steps lets take a look at our Hair Transplant Before and Afters Results.

Before and After Results of Hair Transplant in Turkey

Step 1: What is your Norwood Zone?

What is your Norwood Zone - Scale

To get a hair transplant exactly where it is needed, all you have to do is explore your Norwood scale where the procedure is required.

To get a hair transplant exactly where it is needed, all you have to do is explore your Norwood zone (scale) where the procedure is required. This way you can easily determine the number of grafts you are required and the exact adequate cost for the Hair Transplantation.

Step 2: Cost per Graft in Turkey

The average cost of a hair transplant in Turkey comes to around $0.55 per graft.

Cost per graft in Turkey

It is useful to remember that every Graft contains different number of hairs (Follicles). Some grafts may have only 1 hair (Follicles) and other may have 4 or more hairs (Follicles). This completely depends on the health of the donor area.

Additionally, the low exchange rate and the overall lower cost of living in Turkey significantly contribute to the affordability of hair transplants. This, coupled with the country’s renowned tourist attractions and diverse cultural experiences, creates a compelling package for individuals considering a hair transplant. With skilled specialists, competitive pricing, and a vibrant cultural backdrop, Turkey stands out as an ideal destination for a cost-effective and enriching hair transplant experience.

vantage hair reviews

Cost of hair transplantation in Turkey according to the number of grafts

1000 grafts hair transplant cost Turkey

On average, the cost of 1,000 grafts ranges from $1,500 to $1,900 in Turkey.

In Turkey, hair transplant prices are not determined by the number of grafts needed to treat hair loss, unlike in other countries, which makes Turkey a more affordable option. On average, the cost per graft is between $0.4 and $0,8, so even when comparing graft prices, Turkey is in affordable prices options. If you have mild hair loss, especially on your hairline, 1,000 grafts may be adequate.

2000 grafts hair transplant cost Turkey

On average, getting 2,000 grafts for a hair transplant may cost between $1,600 and $2,000.

Treating hair loss with 2,000 grafts is enough, especially if you have a slightly receding hairline. However, you should keep in mind that these prices are estimated; prices are determined for each individual, considering their specific conditions and the structure of hair follicles.

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3000 grafts hair transplant cost Turkey

The average price for 3000 grafts ranges between $1700 and $2100.

To achieve a natural and dense hairline, usually 3000 hair grafts are transplanted. If you’re experiencing moderate hair loss, 3000 grafts are considered sufficient. Feel free to consult with our medical consultants for more detailed information about the costs involved.

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4000 grafts hair transplant cost Turkey

On average, 4,000 grafts hair transplant may cost $1.900 – $22.00.

4,000 grafts are adequate to treat hair loss and achieve the desired density. It’s adequate to treat reeding hairline and thinned vortex. Usually, it may be performed in a single session, this varies depending on the structure of hair follicles. However, it may vary depending on the thickness, texture, and density of hair follicles and the methods chosen for the procedure.

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5000 grafts hair transplant cost Turkey

On average, 5,000 grafts may cost $2.000 – $2.300

5,000 grafts are adequate to achieve a fuller, denser appearance on the full head if you have an adequate donor area.

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6000 grafts hair transplant cost Turkey

On average, the cost of a 6000 grafts hair transplant ranges from $2.100 – $2.400 in Turkey.

To treat extensive hair loss which falls at the 6th stage on the Norwood Scale, usually around 6000 hair grafts are required. However, it should be noted that at this stage it may be difficult to create a dense and full head of hair in a single session. Therefore, the procedure is often performed in two separate sessions to ensure the best possible results.

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7000 grafts hair transplant cost Turkey

On average, the cost of 7000+ hair grafts in Turkey falls between $2.200 – $2.500.

While 7000 grafts may seem like a high number, it may be a sufficient amount for some people to treat hair loss. However, it’s important to understand that the success of a hair transplant doesn’t just depend on the number of grafts transplanted. It’s also determined by the surgeon’s skill, the quality of the harvested grafts, and the post-operative care that the patient receives.

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Step3: Turkey hair transplant packages

In our “Turkey hair transplant packages” we have organized all the services included in the cost for the convenience and comfort of our valuable foreign patients who come to Turkey for hair transplantation. All the opportunities we provide to our patients coming from abroad are listed below:

medical tourist guide in Turkey

Luxury hotel accommodation

vip transportation

VIP transportation

personal interpretor

Personal interpretor

prp hair treatment

PRP hair treatment

hair transplant operation

Hair transplant operation


Medication and cosmetics

vantage hair reviews

How to find the best clinic in Turkey?

Do you own research

First and foremost, take your time to do your own research. After filtering down different destinations and clinics, do not limit yourself to reviews left by others. Great reviews are fantastic but remember that you can always book an online consultation with the shortlisted clinics on your list.

Talk to people who had the surgery

Ask the clinics if they can put you in contact with previous patients. Leave no question unanswered with both the clinics you contact and the patients you were put in contact with. Ask yourself if you feel confident and satisfied with a good gut feeling about the finalists.

This way, you can make sure that it’s all genuine. People are generous when it comes to sharing their experiences about a meaningful event or something that has made a big difference in the quality of their lives. You will find that sometimes, it’s great help to get advice from and hear about the experience of random people you’ve never met. After all, as humankind, when we have a common concern or issue we wish to resolve for good, we tend to be our best selves and share our experiences bountifully.

Examine before and after photos

Before and after photos can give you good insights about your future looks, especially if they are similar to your hair loss.

Which Methods are Used in Hair Transplant in Turkey

fue hair transplant before after result

FUE hair transplant cost in Turkey?

FUE, a highly sophisticated hair transplant method, involves the extraction of hair follicles from the donor area and their individual implantation. This minimally invasive procedure is the most popular hair transplant technique globally due to its high graft capacity. In Turkey, the cost of a FUE hair transplant ranges between $2,200 and $4,000. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that the cost may vary depending on the location of the clinic, the surgeon’s expertise, the extent of baldness, and other relevant factors.

DHI hair transplant cost in Turkey

DHI is a hair transplant procedure that is similar to FUE but with a few alterations. Like FUE, DHI involves the individual implantation of hair follicles. However, in DHI, the hair follicles are implanted in the donor area using a Choi Pen. The cost of a DHI hair transplant in Turkey usually ranges from $2,500 to $4,000, depending on various factors such as the extent of hair loss, hair follicles’ characteristics, and the clinic’s location.

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey vs Other Countries

The most important and first step before deciding on hair transplantation abroad is to research hair transplantation prices on a country basis. We have prepared a study for those who prefer Turkey, so that you can easily compare Hair Transplantation cost in Turkey and other countries to make a decision. Please take a look at the price breakdown as below:

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey vs Other Countries

Country Price
Australia $11,000
Canada $13,000
India $2,800
Germany $6,500
Hungary $3,200
Thailand $3,800
Turkey $2,200
The UK $11,000
The USA $13,000

australia flag


It’s no secret that Australians travel frequently to South East Asia for cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic cosmetic procedures. Hair transplants aren’t very common nor commonly practiced in Australasia though. As a result of the high cost of living and high prices in the country, the cost of a hair transplant in Australia starts from US$ 11.000 and is highly unlikely to be covered by your insurance, unlike an eyelid surgery.

canada flag


Canadians are known for being relaxed and very friendly. If you live in Canada with an average wage and are concerned about your thinning crown area, a hair transplant will cost you a fortune because the simplest hair transplant procedure starts at a staggering US$13.000

india flag


You may want to take a look at alternative destinations before you give up on your dream to live the rest of your life with hair on your head. Don’t let the high cost of a hair transplant in Australia and Canada drag you down. The cost of the same procedure in India may start at US$2.800 if you’re willing to take the journey in the second most populous country in the World.

germany flag


Reportedly, hosting the largest number of immigrants in Europe, Germany has been inviting experienced medical personnel from around the world to work in the land of diversity. In 2021 alone, the number of Turkish doctors who went to Germany reached 3,000 and the cost of a hair transplant procedure starts from US$6.500.

hungary flag


Landlocked in Central Europe, Hungary is famous for mineral thermal spas and the story of the gothic horror character Count Dracula. Classified as a developed country based on the Human Development Index, the cost of a hair transplant in Hungary will cost you a minimum of US$ 3.200 and up.

poland flag


Even though Polish folks themselves flock to Turkish hair transplant clinics in Turkey, it is possible to get a hair transplant done in Poland with average price is starting at US$4.000.

thailand flag


Artsy in all things cosmetics, Thailand is among the top 5 countries for hair transplants. Prices start at US$ 3.800.

turkey flag


Turkey leads the way as the most popular destination with highly skilled surgeons and advanced technology in hair transplant operations. Prices start at an irresistible US$ 2.200.

united kingdom flag

The UK

If you live in the UK and aren’t in a position to arrange a hair transplant surgery elsewhere, hair transplant clinics in the country will be asking for a minimum of US$ 8.000 for the minimal number of grafts.

usa flag


For US residents, on offer is lower wages than in Australia and yet the same cost for a hair transplant starting at US$ 11.000.

vantage hair reviews

Cost as per Graft around the world

Understanding the cost per graft is essential when considering a hair transplant procedure. The cost per graft can vary based on various factors such as geographical location, clinic reputation, surgeon expertise, and the technique used. Below is a comparison chart showcasing the average price per graft for different countries.

Here is the Detailed Breakdown abut Hair transplant cost per graft in Turkey vs Other Countries:

hair transplant costs per graft around the world

Factors Behind The Low Hair Trans Plant Cost in Turkey

The low cost of hair transplant in Turkey can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, the geoarbitrage advantage plays a significant role. Turkey, with its lower cost of living and favorable exchange rates, allows for more affordable medical procedures compared to countries with higher living expenses, such as the UK, USA, Canada, or Australia. This results in cost-effective solutions for patients seeking quality hair transplants.

Secondly, Turkey has positioned itself as a leading destination for hair transplant procedures, attracting a considerable number of patients globally. The high demand fosters competition among clinics, leading to a competitive market that benefits consumers. This competition not only ensures reasonable pricing but also motivates clinics to maintain high standards of quality and expertise.

Furthermore, the availability of experienced and skilled surgeons in Turkey contributes to the cost-effectiveness of hair transplants. Turkish surgeons have gained international recognition for their proficiency in performing successful hair transplant surgeries.

Additionally, the country’s tourism industry plays a role. Many patients choose Turkey not only for the medical procedure but also to explore its rich history and culture. This combination of medical tourism and lower procedural costs enhances the overall attractiveness of Turkey for hair transplants.

The low cost of hair transplant in Turkey stems from geoarbitrage advantages, competition among clinics, skilled surgeons, and the appeal of Turkey as a destination for both medical procedures and tourism. These factors collectively make Turkey a compelling choice for those seeking affordable and high-quality hair transplants.

Here are some other Factor:

1- Number Of Hair Grafts

Number of hair grafts
Hair transplant cost is almost always calculated per the number of hair grafts transplanted. The common word for a strip of skin with hair is called a graft. The majority of people’s hair will grow in groups of 1, 2, 3, or 4 hairs rather than just one hair cluster. A graft is the term used to describe these collections of hair. Each hair graft contains, on average, 2 hairs.

The number of grafts that need to be transplanted on you should depend on what you want, what your doctor suggests, and the realistic scenario. To determine the number of grafts that need to be transplanted in each individual case, you should first find out where you stand on the Norwood scale of baldness.

Patients who stand at Norwood scales 2, 3, 4, and 5 are highly likely to require less than 5000 hair grafts transplanted on them which may happen in a single session. Anything above will require more than one session which will also impact the total cost.

2- Technique and Equipment Used

Medical Equipment and Technique

There is a reason why earlier hair transplant trials of the 1970s and 80s would mostly fail. Luckily for us, advanced medical technology is on our side. There are a variety of techniques, technologies, and tools available when it comes to transplanting hair.

Each of these techniques may have their advantages and disadvantages. The reason why one method may be more costly than the other is usually because of faster healing time, reduced scarring, and higher success rates.

As an example, strip surgery usually is less pricy but it is not recommended for those who need substantial hair transplantation. It also leaves behind a linear scar that may ultimately deepen and extend over time.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method on the other hand means that individual hair follicles that are later transplanted to your balding areas are first harvested one by one. It is more labor intensive resulting in a more natural look and is, therefore, costlier than strip surgery.

On the other hand, tools that add to the cost of a hair transplant operation such as the sapphire pen and Choi pen are recent inventions that help the surgeon work faster with more precise insitions.

3- Expertise and Reputation

Reputation and expertise

These are reasons that are sometimes obvious and other times hard to justify. A surgeon or a clinic may become the go-to choice for a hair transplant due to celebrity or influencer endorsement and over-charge using this reputation.

From another angle, a clinic employing skillful experts with many years of experience can easily justify why their pricing is above average.

This does not mean that a clinic in Switzerland is better than a hair transplant clinic in Turkey just because it’s more expensive. The reality is that everything in Switzerland is more expensive than in Turkey because of the standard of living and the GDP per capita, irrelevant of the skill or experience that has an influence on the value.

4- GDP per Capita of a Country


When the GDP per capita of country A is lower than country B, it creates an arbitrage advantage for residents of country B for spending money to shop for goods and services.

This is exactly the case when it comes to medical cosmetic operations, but one should still put serious time into deep research to find out the clinic with the highest success rates in country A. It is important to have a healthy balance of the advantages when we travel for medical or cosmetic reasons.

5- Additional Services

Additional Services

On top of the arbitrage advantage, Turkey, as the number one country for hair transplants worldwide with the highest trust, success, and standard ratings, takes the bar higher by offering full packages. These packages include VIP airport-hotel-clinic transfers, luxury hotel stays and aftercare to take most of the planning load off the patient’s shoulders.

It is a well-thought-through understanding of how tourism and hospitality can be combined with medical services to create value-packed experiences.

FAQs about Hair Transplant in Turkey

How long does a hair transplant take in Turkey?

The duration of a hair transplant procedure can vary depending on various factors. On average, the procedure can take between 5 to 7 hours, depending on the thickness, texture, and structure of hair follicles. This can further vary based on the method chosen by the surgeon.

How painful is a hair transplant in Turkey?

In Turkey, getting a hair transplant is a pain-free procedure since it’s performed under local anesthesia. However, some discomfort may be felt after the anesthesia wears off, which can be managed with a painkiller prescribed by our surgeon.

Are hair transplants in Turkey safe?

Getting a hair transplant in Turkey is a safe option, as the healthcare facilities in Turkey are regularly regulated. Therefore, both the healthcare specialists and the facilities are proficient in handling any kind of medical procedure. Additionally, you can choose Turkey as your destination for a hair transplant without worrying about safety or quality.

Are hair transplants in Turkey good and Successful?

With a success rate of up to 98%, getting a hair transplant in Turkey is considered one of the most successful procedures worldwide. Furthermore, most hair transplant specialists in the country are accredited by ISHRS, which makes choosing a qualified expert for the procedure even more reliable. To see how well hair transplants in Turkey work, please click here to check our patients’ before and after results.

Is a hair transplant in Turkey worth it?

Getting a hair transplant in Turkey is worth it due to the high-quality services offered by clinics equipped with cutting-edge technology and staffed by qualified experts. Additionally, the prices are budget-friendly, making it an affordable option for those seeking a solution to their hair loss concerns.

Can you go bald after hair transplant?

Although it is not common, there is still a possibility of losing hair after a hair transplant, especially if it is done by an inexperienced surgeon, if the donor area is unhealthy, or if the aftercare regimen is not followed properly. Additionally, go bald after hair transplant, especially at your native hair, as hair follicles have their own growth cycles.

Do most hair transplant fail?

Most hair transplants, when performed by experienced and skilled surgeons, do not fail. The success rate of hair transplant procedures is generally high, and patients typically achieve their desired results.

What happens 10 years after hair transplant?

The results of a hair transplant procedure are permanent. While you may experience some minor hair loss, this is a natural part of the hair growth cycle and does not necessarily indicate a failed transplant. In fact, even 10 years after hair transplant, you should still have approximately 80% of the hair that was transplanted.

Do hair transplants look natural?

When performed by a skilled and experienced surgeon, hair transplants look natural. If you wish, you can review the photos of our patients before and after hair transplantation.

Does transplanted hair go grey?

Yes, transplanted hair, much like your natural hair, is subject to the effects of the aging process. So transplanted hair can go grey. This is because the transplanted hair retains the same genetic characteristics as the hair from the donor area.

Which age is best for hair transplant?

There is no specific age limit for getting a hair transplant, as it depends on the individual’s circumstances. Factors such as the severity of hair loss, hair thickness, density, and texture all play a role in determining the optimal time for a hair transplant. Generally, most surgeons recommend waiting until after the age of 25, as it is easier to diagnose and treat hair loss at this stage. Feel free to consult with our medical consultants to learn when’s the right time for the procedure.

Is 21 too young for a hair transplant?

Age 21 can be considered relatively young for a hair transplant, but it’s not necessarily too young in all cases. However, if your hair loss continues, you may need to have a second hair transplant.

How many grafts is a full head?

Deciding on the optimal number of hair grafts needed for a successful hair transplant operation is crucial and depends on the progression of your hair loss. To estimate the number of grafts required for a full head of hair, you can use the Norwood scale, which classifies hair loss stages. To determine your stage of hair loss and the number of grafts required for a full head of hair, you can consult our experienced surgeons.ton to change this text.

Is 8000 grafts too much?

A healthy donor area typically contains around 7,000 grafts. If you have sufficient donor hair, you may require up to 8,000 grafts to treat extensive hair loss. However, the number of grafts needed can vary depending on the thickness, texture, and density of your hair follicles.

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