PRP in Istanbul is one of the most cost and time effective hair treatment methods that people constantly have questions about. If you are also wondering about the promises of the PRP hair treatment in Istanbul, here we have explained it in detail.

Hair loss or balding is an aesthetic problem that many people suffer from. Severe hair loss not only creates an aesthetic problem but also affects a person’s psychology.

The majority of the people who suffer from severe hair loss state that their self-confidence has been affected by the appearance of their hair. Therefore, most people are looking for an effective treatment to regain a healthy hair look. Even though a hair transplant might be the first thing that comes to mind, it is not the only treatment option for hair loss. Some people may not be keen on going through a proper surgery for various reasons or there might not be a need for an extensive hair transplant operation. Under such circumstances, non-surgical treatment methods like PRP hair treatment for hair loss can be attractive.

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One of the most popular non-surgical treatments for hair loss is the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) method. PRP hair treatment in Istanbul, Turkey has especially become popular because of the successful results in hair thickening and great hair clinics in Turkey.

If you are also hesitant about more invasive hair treatment methods and have been looking for an effective alternative, the PRP hair treatment can be a great option for you.

How does the PRP hair treatment work?

prp hair treatment steps in istanbul

The PRP hair treatment is a sophisticated medical solution to hair loss. This method utilizes the power of blood plasma which is rich in platelets. The platelet-rich plasma contains two main ingredients which are the blood plasma and platelets.

Platelets are specific cells known as the key ingredient for clotting and healing. They contain growth factors that can stimulate the production of key molecules for healing such as collagen. Thanks to these powerful properties, platelet-rich plasma stimulates dormant hair follicles, promotes hair growth, and decreases hair shedding.

The PRP hair treatment is completed in three main stages

step one

First, a small amount of your blood is drawn.

step two

Second, the platelet-rich plasma is separated from the blood using a centrifuge.

step three

Third, this clear fluid filled with powerful platelets is then injected into your scalp.

PRP hair treatment cost in Istanbul, Turkey

PRP hair treatment cost in Istanbul Turkey

One of the most important advantages of getting a PRP hair treatment in Istanbul is affordable prices compared to other countries. The average PRP hair treatment cost in Istanbul, Turkey is between $90 – $120.


Does PRP injection work for hair loss?

Studies show that with PRP injection, hair loss can be remedied creating great results. The powerful nature of the platelet-rich plasma can significantly decrease the effect of hair loss.

PRP before hair transplant

You can use PRP treatment before going through a hair transplant if you want to avoid a surgical solution. However, experts suggest quitting PRP hair treatment before a hair transplant operation to be able to observe the state of your hair loss. Because PRP decreases the effects of hair loss, it is impossible to see what stage of hair loss you are at if you are under PRP treatment. Consult with your surgeon on how you should proceed if you want to move on to a hair transplant from PRP hair treatment.

PRP after a hair transplant

PRP after a hair transplant is a powerful combination. Many experts state that the growth factors in platelet-rich plasma improve the growth and survivability of transplanted hair follicles. Furthermore, because platelets play an active role in wound healing, the scarring after a hair transplant is minimized by utilizing the power of the PRP treatment. Due to these benefits, many clinics and surgeons are now recommending a hair transplant PRP combined hair loss treatment. Consult with your clinic to see if you can benefit from PRP injection for hair loss.

How often should PRP be done for hair loss?

The PRP injection for hair loss is not a one-and-done treatment. The frequency of your PRP treatments will gradually decrease to get the most out of the procedure and ensure that your hair always looks its best. After your initial PRP session, you might need to go back for the following injections every 6 weeks. This initial treatment plan is usually scheduled for the first 4 months. After this initial intense treatment, your surgeon can ask you to come back every 3-6 months for maintenance PRP injections.

How long does it take to see the results of PRP hair treatment?

The PRP hair treatment does not take too long to show its effects on hair loss. Usually, patients can see the first results 2 weeks after the first PRP injection. However, you will need to wait for 3-6 months to see the full results of your treatment. Considering that the thickness of your hair will be gradually improving, and you will be seeing increasing hair growth; the PRP hair treatment is a quick solution to the signs of hair loss.

Is PRP hair treatment painful?

One of the first questions that come to mind about hair loss treatments is if it is painful or not. Although the PRP treatment is not a surgical operation, some people still worry about the pain level of this treatment because it involves injections.

The PRP hair treatment is not a painful procedure since it does not involve any cuts, incisions, or other invasive operations. Injections are done using microneedles. There might be some discomfort while your blood is drawn before the injection procedure. However, this shouldn’t be a problem if you are used to getting blood tests. Your surgeon can apply a numbing cream to minimize the discomfort during the injection procedure.

The PRP injection for hair loss is not a painful procedure at all. After your procedure, you might feel slight discomfort in the injection areas. Under your surgeon’s approval, you can use a painkiller to ease the pain after PRP treatment.

Is mesotherapy better than PRP for hair?

Both mesotherapy and PRP hair treatment aim to improve hair growth and consequently hair density.

Mesotherapy utilizes the positive effect of key molecules such as vitamins, collagen, minerals, acids, and enzymes. On the other hand, PRP utilizes the platelet’s power for stimulating hair growth.

While both treatments have advantages and disadvantages, the PRP treatment for hair loss is much safer since it uses a material that is directly taken from your blood. Using platelets from your blood rules out the possibility of allergic reactions or serious side effects. Furthermore, the PRP treatment has a shorter recovery time and a much lower price tag. One other advantage of the PRP treatment over mesotherapy is that there are more studies on PRP proving that it safely promotes hair growth.

Are you in search of a youthful look with higher confidence? Are you looking for a less intrusive approach? PRP Treatment might be best the way for you! Reach us through our contact form or WhatsApp button above for a free consultation with our team of experts. If you lean towards a hair transplant, feel free to check out hair transplant growth timeline. We are here to make mirrors friendlier!