The Follicular Unit Isolation technique (FIT) is a special hair transplant technique that is also known as the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method. This innovative technology that is based on individual isolation of hair grafts allows for improved hair transplant results and has revolutionized hair transplant procedures. Thanks to the precise methods of this technique, the hair follicles are extracted from the scalp with little to no damage to the structure.

Many people have achieved their dream hair look thanks to the FIT hair transplant with high success rates in the hands of skillful surgeons. If you are also suffering from extreme hair loss or baldness like many other people, the FIT hair transplant might be a suitable solution for you.

What is a Micro FIT Hair Transplant?

Micro FIT hair transplant method utilizes a micro device to extract the hair grafts. This micro device creates incisions with diameters of 0.4 mm to 0.45 mm which separates the grafts from surrounding tissue without causing damage. These micro incisions are so small that they do not cause any bleeding which leads to an easier recovery period after the procedure. The collected hair grafts are stored in a special solution and prepared for the implantation procedure. Once the extraction process is complete, your surgeon will begin to implant the hair follicles into the recipient area.

FIT Hair Transplant - Follicular Unit Isolation Patient

Who is a Good Candidate for a FIT Hair Transplant?

Every person who is considering going through a hair transplant procedure wonders whether it is a suitable option for them. A good candidate for the FIT hair transplant procedure should have enough hair grafts in the donor area. This is important for achieving the desired hair density at the transplant area which makes a great difference in your satisfaction with the results. The ideal candidate for the FIT hair transplant procedure also should be in good general health.

What should I do before a Hair Transplant?

There are some preparations you will need to do before your hair transplant operation. These include quitting smoking and alcohol 1-2 days prior to your surgery. It is also important that you inform your medical team about any health considerations. If you are using blood thinning medication you should take a break 2-3 days before your procedure. You can consult with your surgeon to learn when exactly you need to stop taking the medicine and if there is any other medication you need to stop taking before the operation. Your surgeon might also ask you to stop eating and drinking prior to the operation.

On the day of your hair transplant make sure to wear comfortable clothing that is easy to take off without touching your head. Also, make sure that you don’t have to drive right after your operation.

How much does a FIT Hair Transplant Cost?

The cost is one of the most asked questions about a FIT hair transplant procedure. You might not want to spend a fortune to improve the appearance of your hair. The good news is that the FIT hair transplant cost in Turkey is much lower than in many other countries. If you are concerned about the cost but also don’t want to compromise the quality, Turkey is the best place for you. The cost of a FIT hair transplant in Turkey ranges between $2,200 and $4,000. Feel free to get a free consultation from our team of experts for a personalized answer to that question!

What does Graft Mean in Hair Transplant?

The word “graft” or “hair graft” is frequently used when it comes to explaining a hair transplant operation. But what does it mean?

A graft is a unit of hair that contains 1-4 hair follicles. During a hair transplant procedure, hair follicles are extracted from the donor area in the form of grafts and then individually implanted in the transplant area.

How much is 3000 Grafts?

3000 grafts can contain 5,400 to 6,600 hair follicles which are usually enough to cover the front and crown area. In most cases, 3000 grafts are enough to achieve a satisfactory hair density.

How much is 5000 Grafts?

5000 grafts are suitable for a wider bald area covering the majority of the scalp. Approximately 9,000 to 11,000 hair follicles can be extracted from 5000 grafts. Such a high amount of hair grafts is suggested to be transplanted at Norwood stage 5 or 6.

When will See the Results?

After a hair transplant operation, it takes a while before you can see the final result. This is why it is important to be patient during the recovery period. You can start to see initial results 3-4 months after your hair transplant operation. After the first signs of hair growth, your hair will gradually get longer and thicker. You can see the final results of your FIT hair transplant 12-14 months after your procedure. Feel free to check out hair transplant growth timeline of our patients for further information!

What is the Success Rate of a FIT Hair Transplant?

FIT hair transplant is known and preferred for its satisfactory results and high success rates. This technique offers an easier recovery period, higher hair viability and better results than previous hair transplant techniques. The success rate of FIT hair transplant can go as high as 90-95%.

6100 grafts ice fue hair transplant before and after result

Does the FIT Technique Damage the Donor Area?

The FIT technique is a non-invasive technique. Thanks to the tiny incisions created at the donor area, the hair grafts are removed with minimum damage to both the scalp and hair follicles. This technique also rarely causes bleeding. This is why we can say that the FIT technique does not damage the donor area.

How will I Feel after a Hair Transplant?

After a hair transplant, you can feel some soreness and numbness. The donor and transplant area will be quite sensitive. You can feel a little lightheaded due to the anesthesia. This is why driving is not recommended after your surgery. However, you should be back to your normal self within a day or two after the procedure. You can get back to work after you got some rest and start to feel normal again. Feel free to contact us for free consultation via WhatsApp button of ours or filling our contact form!

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