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Did Brad Pitt have a hair transplant? What’s the secret to his beautiful blonde hair? Try to imagine for a moment if our Buratto Pitto would still be this famous and successful if he were bald… Would fans change their perception of Brad Pitt if he had a shiny bald head instead of sexy, blonde, and plentiful hair? The physical issue aside, could he carry the profound emotional downside of hair loss on his shoulders? Is the emotional toll of hair loss worth doing nothing about it?

No one knows the answers to these questions but one thing is for sure; if/when Brad Pitt has a hair loss problem, he will definitely try to solve it.

Stay tuned as we look into the century’s most important innovation and you can thank us later.

Let’s see if iconic Brad Pitt has any connection to the celebrity hair transplant tribe!

Brad Pitt’s Iconic Hairstyles Over the Years

brad pitt different hairstyles

Versatility is this guy’s second name when it comes to hair styles but then short, long, messy, or ceremonial, nothing looks bad on him. Let’s go through some of Brad Pitt’s most remembered hair styles over the years:

brad pitt long hair
Long blonde surfer’s type hair isn’t necessarily a point of attraction on other people but whatever hair Brad Pitt carries, including the effortless long grunge length, turns him into a romantic idol.

brad pitt fight club hair

Brad Pitt’s buzz cut in the movie Fight Club was shocking to many and again, it suited his perfectly round head shape and of course, the character he brought to life.

brad pitt inglorious basterds hair

This interesting look featured neatly combed-back hair, weirdly adding a sense of elegance to his Aldo the Apache character scalping skinheads.

brad pitt mohawk hair

Did we say everything suits him? This is a haircut he took on in 2014 in the war movie Fury. It is in fact sort of an undercut depending on how it’s styled which provided him lots of flex room.

brad pitt the dad hair

In the past decade Brad seems to keep an easy to style and tame type of haircut, suitable for all occasions.

Did Brad Pitt Get A Hair Transplant?

brad pitt hair transplant before after

You’re not alone if you’re wondering how a 60 year old man still has lots and lots of hair. Lucky in every way, has Brad been blessed with one in a million hair genies and the permanent hairline of a twenty something year old or is he keeping a dirty hair secret?

Well, for some relief, let’s just say that he did get some wrinkles at the least. But his hair remains too good to be true for his age, and in fact, for any age. The only slight recession that can be observed after Brad Pitt passed age 50 is on his hairline but still, it’s not even a Norwood stage 2.
All in all, it is highly unlikely that Brad Pitt has had a hair transplant so far. However, he is now eligible for one to keep adding lost density to his hairline so that he can keep aging gracefully.

Where Did Brad Pitt Get His Hair Transplant?

before and after result of brad pitt hair transplant

The man’s net worth is at least half a billion, so he may as well invite the best surgeons for a hair transplant party to his French Riviera estate. If he thinks that he has too many kids to splurge on that idea, he will probably get it in LA and pay a hefty amount for it.

Which Hair Transplant Technique Was Used?

In his situation with only a light hairline recession at age sixty, his future hair transplant surgeon will probably opt for the FUE method. This way, added grafts can be placed very naturally without anyone noticing it. This type of intervention will help Brad Pitt in his later years.

Graft Count: How many grafts were transplanted into Brad Pitt’s hair?

brad pitt hair before after

What he can get away with is around 750 grafts but thinking about the future to get a hair transplant done once and for good, added density where he is prone to hair loss isn’t a bad idea. For a complete look that’ll help him see age 70 without any major hair loss issues, 1200 grafts seem ideal for Brad Pitt.

How Much Did Brad Pitt’s Hair Transplant Cost?

Probably a lot just because being the sexiest man alive should have at least one consequence so that the world is a fair place for the rest of us. Jokes aside, he would get a massive bill assuming he’ll end up in an L.A. clinic that serves the elite. He should expect to pay at least $20k for a hair transplant to touch-up his hairline.

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brad pitt hair transformation before after

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