Kirk Cousins' Hair Transplant

Did Kirk Cousins get a hair transplant? If the answer is yes, why did he need this? Hair loss is a common condition that affects people regardless of their wealth, fame, or social status. The reason why we are drawn to celebrity hair transplant stories is because they often contain valuable lessons and we’d hate you to miss out on them.

If you are suffering from hair loss, make sure to scroll through our celebrity hair transplant analyses as each story will help to understand your own condition.

Each individual responds uniquely to the same issue, and we all have different approaches to solving identical problems. Celebrities are no exception to this rule. While some opt to share their hair loss experience with the public, other celebrities prefer to keep such matters private. That’s of course, until their secret is unveiled.

Let’s see what Kirk Cousins has been hiding, and what he did to bring his hairline back. Did he join thousands of other celebrities who underwent a hair transplant? Let’s get it!

Understanding Kirk Cousins’ Battle With Hair Loss

kirk cousins hair tranplant before after

Kirk Cousins’ talent is hard to find but the male pattern baldness he was battling with is a very common condition. Cousins encountered the first signs of alopecia in his twenties.

Nonetheless, the manifestation of his condition became more alarming during his third decade of life. The whole world witnessed his receding hairline which again, is a typical pattern of alopecia progression.

However, in 2023, Cousins suddenly appeared with a flawless hairline and attempted to brush off any previous hair loss. Did we believe it? Absolutely not.

Did Kirk Cousins Get A Hair Transplant?

Given Cousins’ position as a public figure, he sort of has a responsibility to guide fans in the right direction. Like everyone else, celebrities deserve their privacy, except if disclosing certain information could serve the greater good.

So, when someone experiences significant hair loss and then suddenly presents with a full head of hair, there are two possibilities; either they’re wearing a hairpiece or they’ve undergone a hair transplant. There’s no middle ground, and the same holds true for Kirk Cousins.

Simple logic and our hair analysis therefore say that Cousins did get a hair transplant. Upon comparing his images from the 2015-2020 era to those of 2023, an obvious change in his hairline is evident. The favorable transformation observed in his hairline throughout the years strongly implies that he has undergone a hair transplant.

If you’re curious why such a transformation couldn’t be attributed to hair growth medication alone, the explanation lies in Cousins’ flawless hairline. Additionally, while medications can support the maintenance of transplanted hairs post-procedure, they cannot revive or stimulate the growth of dormant or immature hair cells.

Comparing Kirk Cousins’ Hair Before And After

kirk cousins hair tranplant before after result

Prior to Kirk Cousins’ hair transplant, his hairline exhibited noticeable thinning, particularly at the frontal region, an expected outcome as he approached his thirties. He had the typical widow’s peak with naked temples as his hair on top started miniaturizing.

Following the hair transplant, we see him with a natural but evidently upgraded hairline. Where do amazing looking hairlines come from? From hair transplant-land. It’s a shame he prefers to keep quiet about it.

Which Hair Transplant Technique Was Used?

The time of the hair transplant, the type of hairline created and any visible scars on the scalp help us determine the hair transplant method that was probably used. In Cousin’s case, he must have undergone the hair transplant recently and unlike in the past, the most preferred method is the FUE technique.

His well-defined hairline also exhibits the characteristic natural appearance achievable only through FUE. Furthermore, there are no linear scars present on either side of his head, which typically indicate FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). This absence serves as a third piece of evidence backing up the FUE hypothesis.

Where Did Kirk Cousins Get His Hair Transplant?

Kirk Cousins probably had his hair transplant in the US and probably not too far from the US Bank Stadium since he lived in Rousemouth at the time of his hair transplant. Hiding a few days at home for the FUE scabs to heal just makes sense for someone who wants to keep his hair transplant to himself.

Graft Count: How Many Grafts Were Transplanted?

Cousins has thin, soft, and straight hair, which means that a significant number of hair grafts are required to adequately cover problem areas.
On the other hand, folks with curly hair are fortunate because the natural curliness allows for better coverage with fewer grafts.

It appears that Cousins could have benefited from at least an additional 1000 grafts compared to the number he actually received during the transplant. However, it’s possible he had a conservative approach initially to assess the effectiveness of the procedure.

To achieve his current look, with a refined hairline and filled-in temples, but still lacking in overall density, an estimated 2000 to 2200 grafts would have been necessary.

How Much Did Kirk Cousins’ Hair Transplant Cost?

kirk cousins hair tranplant before and after transformation

The reason why we tried to explain the number of grafts in a hair transplant is because it is closely linked with the final cost. If you are considering a hair transplant or worry that you may in the future, try to learn as much about the simple hair transplant terminology as possible. With your glossary under your belt, you will be able to ask informed questions when assessing hair transplant clinics.

We don’t actually know how much Kirk Cousins paid for his hair transplant because he plays dead about it. But we can use this opportunity to teach you how the total cost is roughly calculated: Graft count x Cost per graft = Total. By the way, one graft is not one hair strand, there are often 2 to 4 hairs on one hair graft.

The thing is though, the cost per graft differs greatly depending on your hair transplant destination. When we say greatly, we mean it. In Cousins’ example, 2200 grafts must have cost him at least $15k or more.

For anyone who is flexible to trade the convenience of staying local with a huge discount, Istanbul is the destination thousands visit every day.

Don’t Settle For Less Than Kirk Cousins’ Hair Transplant. Let Us Help You Get Your Dream Hair!

kirk cousins hair tranplant before and after result

Only you will know what’s best for you. We’re just the messenger that reminds people that time is not our friend as mortal beings. If hair loss worries you, a hair transplant can resolve this and you’ll have one less thing to worry about in life.

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