Amongst various treatments available for hair loss, hair transplant is known as the most effective option. This is why people go straight to hair transplant or after they exhausted the other treatment options. Either way, Direct hair implantation (DHI) hair transplant is one of the most trusted options as it is a modified version of FUE technique. DHI hair transplant in Istanbul has become one of the most popular treatments against the signs of severe hair loss.

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DHI method in Turkey offers long-lasting and satisfying results in diminishing the effects of severe hair loss. If you are suffering from balding or hair fallout, this hair transplant procedure might be the solution you have been looking for. But what is a DHI hair transplant? Let’s get into the details together.

What is the DHI method?

DHI hair transplant procedure steps

The DHI method in Istanbul has become the centre of attraction these days. This is why many people are curious about the details this method.

The DHI method is the latest and most sophisticated hair transplant method that has been developed by improving the FUE technique.

Just like the FUE technique, the hair follicles are individually extracted from a suitable donor area.

However, in this method, the hair grafts are extracted with the help of a special tool called the Choi pen. This device can not only extract the hair grafts perfectly but also it loads simultaneously loads them.

This negates the need for collecting the hair follicles in a separate environment and opening microchannels in the transplant area before the transplant procedure.

Hair follicles can then be directly transplanted into the target area.

dhi hair transplant result before after photo

What is the Choi pen?

The Choi pen is the medical tool developed for the DHI hair transplant method. This is why the DHI hair transplant is also known as the Choi pen hair transplant.

This sophisticated tool is used for the entire hair transplant procedure including extraction, transfer to the target area, and plantation. The Choi pen effectively extracts individual hair grafts with the help of the hollow needle located at its tip and a micro motor. This needle can extract and load the hair graft and create the micro-incision required for the transplantation.

The Choi pen is skilfully used by experienced surgeons to achieve great DHI hair transplant results in Istanbul. The experience and sleight of hand are extremely important for the effective use of the Choi pen in the DHI method.

Choi pen advantages and disadvantages

The Choi pen has many advantages as well as some disadvantages. Going over these advantages and disadvantages can help you decide whether a Choi pen hair transplant in Turkey is suitable for you.


1) The Choi pen is an attractive tool because it can offer greater control over the angle of implantation and lower the chance of infections and bleeding.

2) The Choi pen also allows for higher hair density in the target area.

3) Because the Choi pen removes the need for collecting the hair grafts prior to implantation it ensures higher graft viability.

4) Thanks to the Choi pen post-surgery recovery period can be shorter.


1) Only 3500 to 4000 grafts can be transplanted using the Choi pen.

2) This means only a limited area can be covered.

3) Because the use of the Choi pen requires experience and further training, the DHI hair transplant method in Istanbul can be more expensive than other hair transplant options.

4) Transplantation of some curly hair types might not be suitable for this method.

dhi hair transplant in istanbul before after

Should I choose the DHI method?

If you have been thinking about getting a DHI hair transplant in Istanbul, there are a few things you need to consider.

First, you need to determine how many grafts you need. If the bald area is not too big, less than 4000 grafts, you may be suitable.

Also, you hair type may be a delabreaker for your eligiblity. That’s why you should have a free medical consultation to make sure that your hair type is suitable for the DHI method. Our surgeons will examine the shape of your hair follicles and determine if you are suitable for a DHI hair transplant in Istanbul or not.

If you check these boxes and willing to pay a little bit extra for your hair transplant, you should choose the DHI method to achieve your dream hair.

DHI hair transplant cost in Istanbul

Even though the DHI method is a more expensive hair transplant option, there are still ways to get this sophisticated procedure. The cost of a DHI hair transplant greatly depends on the clinic and the city you choose to get your operation as well as the size of the transplant area.

Hair transplant clinics in Istanbul offer more affordable DHI hair transplant prices compared to most cities in Europe and the USA. So, if you have been looking for a more affordable way to achieve your dream hair, give the DHI hair transplant in Istanbul a shot. DHI hair transplant costs in Istanbul can vary between $2,000 and $5,000.

If you wish to learn more, you can check out before & after photos of every graft number or hair transplant growth timeline for day by day recovery results.

Book your consultation session to learn more about your DHI hair transplant journey in Istanbul. Feel free to fill our contact form or click on Whatsapp Icon now! We will be more than happy to escort you through your journey of youthful look and enhanced confidence!


How long does it take for DHI hair to grow?

Seeing noticeable hair growth after a DHI hair transplant operation can take up to 4-6 months after your surgery. After this period, you can see some hair growing in the target area. However, you can see the full results of your DHI hair transplant in Turkey 12-16 months after your surgery.

Is DHI hair transplant permanent?

Yes, the result of a DHI hair transplant is permanent. However, keep in mind that getting the full effect of the hair transplant partly depends on the quality of aftercare.

Don’t ignore your surgeon’s instructions for the best hair transplant results. Furthermore, even though the transplanted hair will be permanent, you can still experience hair loss around the transplant area.

Does a DHI hair transplant leave scars?

Because the DHI method does not involve any incisions, the chance of scarring is minimum. Compared to other hair transplant methods, especially FUT, you don’t need to be worried about visible scarring.