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Did Joe Rogan have a hair transplant, and if so, why is he still struggling with baldness? As much as we celebrate all the positivity and laughter brought to our lives by Joe Rogan, we are here today to reflect on his longest quest. It is of course hair loss which is known to have been Rogan’s longest-standing concern.

Paying full respect to what he has gone through, we just want to extract the lessons learned from Rogan’s story in which he never threw the towel. We will analyze everything that he tried, those that worked and others that did not.

All in all, Joe Rogan has shown remarkable strength, and his hair loss journey is extremely inspirational. Sometimes all we can do in life is to try our best and use all available resources, technology, talent, and innovation. Rogan most certainly gave it his best in his battle with hair loss.

Let’s discover if the natural born fighter joined celebrities with a hair transplant.

Understanding Joe Rogan’s Battle With Hair Loss

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An unfortunate fella when it comes to his hair genetics, Rogan was already at a Norwood scale 3 at age 23. Rogan’s M-shaped hairline was not only receding badly but also unevenly with a deeper opening on one temple compared to the other.

When we look into his story, we must say that he truly deserves a big award for not giving up and trying his best to save and bring back his hair. His strong-willed search for and brave trials of hair growth supporting medicines and all other options that are available over decades is indeed remarkable.

Let’s drop every single hair loss remedy Joe Rogan tried to understand what happened.

Comparing Joe Rogan’s Hair Before And After

joe rogan hair transplant scar

Well, Rogan’s most distinct before and after difference is the linear FUT scar left on the back of his head. Hair-wise, he decided to shave his head a long time ago as his many hair transplants did not take.
The last time he was seen with hair was probably in 2013 and ever since, there’s his shaven head with a linear scar as a result of his many failed hair transplants.
To see him with proper hair we need to go back to his images from his birth to 1995.

We aren’t here to point a finger, quite the opposite, we will analyze what happened in the coming sections. Why do hair transplants work on everyone else but they didn’t on Joe Rogan?

Did Joe Rogan Get A Hair Transplant?

joe rogan hair transplant before after

Probably the world’s worst-kept secret, Joe Rogan had multiple hair transplants. He’s an early hair transplant adopter with his very first one dating all the way back to 1993. That is the sort of time the world was in disbelief about hair transplants and busy following Pablo Escobar’s fall, Prince Charles & Lady Diana’s divorce, and Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” hit.

He then had a second hair transplant a couple of years later. And then another one. In 2012 he tweeted: “Hair transplants are the dumbest thing I’ve ever done”. His frustration is 100% respected, we just want to remind him that he falls in the one in a million case. Rogan has been victim to bad surgical decisions, thin hair quality, and 90s hair transplant technology. And hey, never try never know, right?

Which Hair Transplant Technique Was Used?

To begin with, FUT a.k.a. strip surgery was the only option available back in the 90s when Rogan had his first couple of hair transplants. Regardless, the FUT technique is still in practice today because strip harvesting can provide the greatest fullness possible in a hair transplant if the individual’s main objective is a dense look.

The FUT method does come with its challenges though. Among these difficulties are hair survival rates, restrictions on the availability of donor hair (if any), and a need to develop a strategy for hiding the permanent signs of the procedure.

Where Did Joe Rogan Get His Hair Transplant?

joe rogan hair before after

What’s purely hypothetical but important to note here is the role of patient communication. It does not at all sound like Joe Rogan was thoroughly explained about what a hair transplant can and can not do for someone with weak donor hair. It sounds like he was made to believe that he’d magically get an infinite amount and source of hair after the hair transplant.

Due to its low quality, we find it unimportant to mention where Rogan got his hair transplants but it was in the US. We also hope that the 90s deceitful clinic is no longer in business. Also worthy of mentioning is that the first time Joe Rogan had a hair transplant, he was not a person of money. He was just coming out of being broke and appearing on TV so he may not have had a lucrative budget to spend on himself.

Another point that needs to be made is that you have to have very poor judgment to repeat the exact same mistake and this comment does not go to Rogan but rather to the hair clinic. If something is not working on a particular individual, it is very unethical to continue to repeat the same surgery or intervention again and again. Can you guess what the only motivation could be? (hint: $$$).

Graft Count: How Many Grafts Were Transplanted?

Too many to remain bald. Again, Rogan’s situation is far from being about the number of grafts transplanted. Answering the question regardless, his strip surgeries must have provided the surgeon with a source of 2500 to 3000 hair grafts to work with.
There would be a whole different story if he had only 1500 grafts transplanted successfully.

How Much Did Joe Rogan’s Hair Transplant Cost?

$100 in 1993 is now $217 in 2024 due to inflation and the fluctuating buying power of USD over time. That being the case, not much logic can be found in publishing the bill Joe Rogan paid at the time.

Instead, let’s stay in the present day and look into the numbers as if he’s had a hair transplant in 2024. This time, we won’t allow him to go to a basement physician and a decent hair clinic in the US will charge a whooping $20k or more.

However, top-quality hair transplants with the highest success rates in the world occur in selected hair transplant clinics in Istanbul, Turkey. For $3k per 3000 grafts, patients get all consultations, medical tests, a top quality surgery, post-surgery care, and medications as well as luxury accommodation in Istanbul. Yep, you read that right.

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