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This is a story for everyone interested to know how a famous goalkeeper went from bald to gold in a few months. Constituting one of the best examples in the context of footballer hair transplants just like Antonio Conte, Ter Stegen’s hair transplant time-lapse is a jaw-dropping one with lots of lessons to be learned.

Giving you both successful and curious celebrity hair transplant journeys you can benefit from, we invite you to follow along to find out what the footballer did for a life-changing hair comeback.

In the upcoming sections, we will reveal all the evidence-based research you’ll need so that you can design your own hair transplant map.

While analyzing and learning from high-profile individuals is great, don’t feel hurt if their budget does not match yours. Hair transplants have become widely available for everyone in the past five years. All you need is an open mind, and to remember that there are more options for a top-quality hair transplant than meets the eye.

Without further due, let’s dive into Ter Stegen’s hair comeback success story to see if he has joined celebrities with hair transplants.

Ter Stegen’s Iconic Hairstyles Over the Years

Stegen is blessed with a great sense of style and deserves our attention to take a journey through some of his most iconic hairstyles.

ter stegen hairstyles

ter stegen classic hair
In his early years as a professional footballer, Ter Stegen often had a classic crop, low-maintenance type hairstyle. Clean, neat, and understated, this look kind of reflected his focus and determination on the pitch. With a slightly tapered cut and styled top, this hairstyle was pure neat.

ter stegen edgy hair

As Ter Stegen gained more attention in the world of football, he began experimenting with bolder hairstyles. One of his most iconic looks during this period was the edgy undercut. Characterized by shaved sides and a longer, bouncy top, this hairstyle perfectly complemented his confident and assertive playing style. The undercut could have been a statement about his fearless, warrior-like approach to goalkeeping.

ter stegen barça hair

During his peak years at Barça, Ter Stegen became known not only for his exceptional saves but also for his trendsetting hairstyle. He often appeared with voluminous hair and carefully styled texture.

ter stegen casual hair

In more recent years, Ter Stegen turned to a more casual yet refined hairstyle known as the quiff. This look features a swept-back top with shorter sides, offering a balance of style and ease. Whether he’s making a crucial save or attending a press conference, the quiff has become his all-occasion go-to hairstyle.

Understanding Ter Stegen’s Battle With Hair Loss

Our subject goalkeeper is a typical case of male pattern baldness due to the following:

  • He has a thin and soft hair type
  • He started showing obvious signs of hair loss in his early to mid-twenties
  • He was mostly receding on his hairline and temple areas
  • It’s a hereditary condition
  • It advanced very fast once the first signs of hair loss came about.


We don’t actually know if hair-supporting medications such as finasteride or minoxidil have been a part of Stegen’s hair rescue attempts before he opted for the ultimate solution. However, when hair loss advances at a scary speed, it’s actually a sign to be alarmed.

Some people recede gradually over many decades and others within the same year. Those who fall into the latter category should not waste time relying on medications to work fast.

Luckily for Stegen, he was fast to comprehend what was happening and to take the necessary measures while he still had healthy donor hair on him.

ter stegen hair transplant before after result

Comparing Ter Stegen’s Hair Before And After

Let’s display the giga improvement in Stegen’s hairline for those who have not yet grasped what we are talking about.

It is best observed when we take a look at his before pictures with the short buzz cut. These images reveal just how severe his receding was. He had no hair on the sides of his hairline. Moreover, his hairline had completely lost balance and shape. This isn’t an ideal look for a then 25-year-old, healthy male because it just made him look much older than he actually was.

His after pictures however show a corrected hairline which was also done very naturally and professionally. Improved density is the second biggest difference, specifically on top of his head. He therefore rocks a longer top in the after images which he styles with enthusiasm and joy.

Did Ter Stegen Get A Hair Transplant?

ter stegen hair transplant before and after

We encourage you to take a look at our other footballer hair transplant analyses to see that hair transplant is in fact, the number one topic professional footballers talk about in the locker room. Getting a hair transplant is an easy to achieve necessity for any footballer under the spotlight. What they chat about is mainly recommendations regarding the top clinic, best price, and the healing time so that the procedure can easily fit into their busy training schedule.
Back to Stegen, before and after evidence speak for themselves when it comes to any doubts about his hair transplant. Up until 2019 when he is only in his mid-twenties, we notice the heavy recession. Post 2019 that is no longer the case but it’s not that his receding has stopped. He suddenly got a new hairline and a fuller head of hair.

Rumor says that he had a quick Turkish Hairlines trip to Istanbul which is also what we believe has happened. The way his hairline has been designed is very natural, suits his facial features, and looks like a top-quality hair transplant. These are all the typical qualities found
at the reputable hair transplant clinics in Istanbul. We say this because the hair transplant space in Istanbul is ripe and trusted. Surgeons and the techniques they have mastered are far from being novice methods and they are backed by an army of happy patients.

Which Hair Transplant Technique Was Used?

Stegen’s successful hair transplant shows every sign of a Follicular Unit Extraction widely known as FUE. When performed artfully by an experienced hair transplant surgeon, this method provides hairline design flexibility and thus very natural-looking results.

FUE can be applied with different tools such as the sapphire blade or through the neo-graft technique. The exact details will depend on what the surgeon discusses with their patient according to their needs and desired results.

Graft Count: How Many Grafts Were Transplanted?

To start with, graft count means more or less the number of hair grafts that are taken from the back of the patient’s head to be transplanted in balding areas. Someone who is severely bald at a Norwood 5 scale will need a higher graft count compared to a Norwood scale 3 case like Ter Stegen.

To achieve Stegen’s current hairline, plus the fuller top and denser crown area, it must have been between 2500 and 3000 grafts that were transplanted.

How Much Did Ter Stegen’s Hair Transplant Cost?

ter stegen hair transplant before after

In a world where the graft count is the heavyweight in calculating a hair transplant procedure’s worth, the number of grafts is typically multiplied by the cost of one graft.

Now let’s go through the total bill while putting Stegen at the center. If he had had a hair transplant in his native Germany at an elite clinic that has great fame, one graft would have cost him $4 to $5 which brings the total cost to $15,000.

Let’s say he chose to stay in Gracia, Barcelona where he resides. Gracia is the poshest neighborhood in Barcelona and a celebrity-scale hair transplant clinic charges pretty much the same as those in Germany, if not more.

Stegen however, is very likely to have undergone his hair transplant in Istanbul based on all the signature signs we talked about earlier. His results are nothing short of remarkable and the total cost of hair transplant could have been $3,000, a tad fifth of what the same procedure costs in the EU.

Despite being one of the top-earning goalkeepers in the world, Tegen’s choice deserves a standing ovation for several reasons. He makes millions but makes wise financial decisions by not paying more than he should to get him to the same exact results.

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ter stegen hair transplant before and after result

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