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Just like we witness in Jidion’s story, we are all ordinary until we are not. An everyday, low income young man holding on to make ends meet had a deep desire to be seen, and to make it in life while giving the world what he has to offer. They say that our unrealized potential is what weighs on our shoulders the most throughout life, and Jidion certainly managed to unload that weight.
Keeping a positive attitude, he turned to live-streaming prank content to make people laugh. Becoming very successful in no time with well over 10M subs combined at a young age, Jidion recently decided to put it all aside and turn to his spiritual side. In the interim, his hairline was receding and it still does to date.
Not long ago, he posted a video, supposedly livestreaming his hair transplant. Let’s analyze what the hype around his hair transplant is all about. Is it true or was it a hair transplant prank? More importantly, what should you do if your hairline is receding like Jidion’s?
Let’s get this right!

Did Jidion Have A Hair Transplant?

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Let’s just get real and remember that Jidion’s livestream concept is knitted around stunts and jokes. Remember that the story behind the hair transplant talk about Jidion stems from one of his live webcasts where he pretends to get a hair transplant. At this stage, we don’t know if he knows what a hair transplant is but just for clarity; Jidion is a prankster and a hair transplant is a surgical procedure.
It is also the type of surgical procedure that is very rewarding in return for a couple of days of slight discomfort. A hair transplant means you’re good to go for the rest of your life. It results in getting back the hairline of your teen years. Post-hair transplant, patients report feeling and looking much younger, more confident, happier, better.
Watching Jidion’s video, it doesn’t take long to understand that he isn’t actually getting a hair transplant but a male hair unit instead. It is specialized barbers who provide this type of service which, in simple words involves a wig being glued to your scalp and then trimmed professionally. Some man hair units can last for three to six months and are water resistant.
We should also mention that it takes 2 to 3 hours to get it done. Cost-wise, if we’re talking about human hair, along with the craftsmanship of the barber, it makes a whooping $500 to $1000 for a few months’ temp solution.
It’s important to mention that a man hair unit is not a hair loss remedy. It’s an interpretation of human nature; to procrastinate and to bury one’s head in the sand.
Some go for it as a practice session to decide how a real hair transplant will look and feel like. Just for the record, your hair transplant surgeon can show you on the computer screen what a real hair transplant will look like on you. You can check out all the different hairlines suited for your facial features and opt for the one that feels the most YOU.
Jidion would do very well if he one day (rather sooner than later) decided to undergo a real hair transplant. But until now, he has not. His prank video was; a prank.

Jidion Hair Loss

jidion hair transplant before after result

First of all, Jidion is a GenZ’er born in December 2000. It always seems to have hit too early when young men start experiencing hair loss, but it is what it is. Life teaches us that hairline recession is the least that can happen to a 23-year-old African-American. What we think least of, is that we have a choice to live with it or to fix it.
Men and women with afro-textured hair spend many, many hours a month on hair TLC. They can’t just wash and go. Afro-textured hair is fragile and demanding. There’s a need to use different types of products at different intervals to keep it healthy and nourished. For people with afro-textured hair type, hair is one of the main conversation topics in the hood basketball court, in the workplace, and in most casual conversations. It’s part of the body image. It is very important.
Now, it is somewhat easier to understand why a famous rapper with afro hair would suffer from premature hair loss, assuming that frequent hair dying, styling, braiding, etc. are involved. But for Jidion, it is sheer luck. His type of hair loss is hereditary. This does not necessarily mean it was inherited from his own parents. This very common condition is called male pattern alopecia and it is a mysterious, ancestral genetic stamp.
Back to our prankster, let’s see what Jidion decided to do about his hairline recession. He probably knows that when alopecia hits you in your early twenties, that’s a free ticket for a deeper recession over the years to come.

Where Did Jidion Get His Hair Transplant?

Man hair units are installed at specialist stylists and saloons. The barber must most certainly be trained in it but there’s not really any certification required for the practice.
For those of you who want to skip the glued wig and opt for a hair transplant instead, then that’s a different story where the first step is a consultation with a specialist surgeon.
Hair transplant clinics and surgeons must, of course, be certified. Read on to find out about the best place, and the best price for Jidion to get a top quality hair transplant when he decides to do so. If your hair type is afro-textured like Jidion’s, rest assured that our recommendation is a well-known institution with experienced surgeons who are comfortable working with coiling hair grafts.

jidion hair transplant before and after

Jidion Before And After Hair Transplant

Now that we know there was never a hair transplant, at least not yet, all we can do is compare Jidion’s original hairline to that of his man hair unit. The difference is that the man hair unit is temp (also not his hair) and a hair transplant would have been permanent (and his own hair).
To be honest here, the courage to make the hair transplant decision and a few nights of supine sleep aside, there’s no excuse for the logical mind to turn down a hair transplant. Just like laser eye surgery, a hair transplant is the lowest cost and the most life-changing barter that exists.
Jidion did us a favor by showing how he would look like if he got his hairline back permanently. It is true that the temporary man hair unit is instant gratification and a hair transplant needs a few months time to grow but would you rather rent or own your home?

How Much Did Jidion Pay For His Hair Transplant?

When it’s time for Jidion to get a hair transplant, it’ll all depend on the damage at that time. Hair loss is only reversible when the patient still has healthy donor hair of their own, and from that angle, it’s sort of a ticking bomb.
Say Jidion opts for a hair transplant today, he’ll need his hairline reconstructed to start with. The surgeon needs to look into his overall density and the state of his crown area as well to decide about the total number of hair grafts that should ideally be transplanted.
If Jidion’s hair transplant happened today, he would need at least a 2000 graft hair transplant which in the US costs anywhere from $ 7,500 and up. Mind you that the longer he waits, the higher the graft count and therefore the total cost will be.
Before you get all depressed and shed more hair, we must break the news that a top-quality hair transplant at a reputable clinic in Istanbul costs a third of the US prices.
Also, one advantage of an afro hair hair transplant is that it can result in a fuller look with less density, due to the hair texture. It means fewer grafts and a lower cost. This often isn’t the case for straight-haired folks.

jidion hair transplant before and after result

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If you are suffering from hair loss, the bitter truth is that time works against you. That’s because you need healthy hair of your own to undergo a hair, beard, or eyebrow transplant procedure.
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