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If you think that your hair needs some restoration after your first hair transplant, you are probably wondering: Do I need a second hair transplant?

No matter what the reason is, going through a second operation is as challenging as the first one. This is why weighing the pros and cons of getting a hair transplant a second time to decide whether you actually need one is necessary.

Here, we have explained some of the most asked questions about second hair transplants to help you make a decision.

What exactly is a second hair transplant?

You might be wondering: What exactly is a second hair transplant? A second hair transplant is a hair transplant procedure performed following a previous one for various reasons.

No matter the reason, a second hair transplant procedure can help you achieve the best look you have been dreaming about. If you are unsure about what your second hair transplant procedure would entail, you can consult our experienced hair transplant team and surgeons.

How many hair transplants can a person have?

Even though there are no set limits to how many hair transplants one person can have, there are some limiting factors that can enable or obstruct you from getting multiple hair transplants.

The most important factor is the available healthy grafts left in the donor area after your first hair transplant.

If you don’t have enough donor grafts in the donor area for another hair transplant operation, you won’t be eligible for the procedure. Your surgeon also needs to maintain the hair density in the donor area to avoid a peculiar appearance.

How long do I need to wait for a second hair transplant?

Before you can get a second hair transplant, you need to allow for the transplanted and donor area to heal properly and the transplanted hair grafts to settle in. As this process can take up to 6-12 months, it is recommended to wait at least 10 months after your first procedure.

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When do I need a second hair transplant?

A second hair transplant might be needed if you want to increase hair density if you are experiencing scarring, if you continue to experience natural hair loss, and if you need correction.

hair density

Second hair transplant to add density

In some cases, the desired hair density can not be achieved through a single hair transplant. This is why a second hair transplant might be required to add density to desired areas. These types of hair transplants give the best results when planned ahead before you even get your first hair transplant procedure.

hair transplant scarring

Second hair transplant for scarring

Getting a hair transplant a second time can also be needed if you have noticeable scarring from either a previous hair transplant procedure or an accident. A hair transplant is an excellent way to hide scarring on the scalp since hair can grow around it and cover the look.

natural hair loss

Second hair transplant for natural hair loss

Even though transplanted hair does not fall out after the first hair transplant operation, you can still experience natural hair loss. If your hair loss progresses and you have enough hair grafts, you can get a second hair transplant to improve hair density and appearance.

hair correction

Second hair transplant for correction

For different reasons, a hair transplant operation might lead to unsatisfactory results. If you are experiencing such a situation, you can opt for getting a second hair transplant for correction. Make sure to clearly communicate with your surgeon about the past procedure and your expectations.

Does the second hair transplant grow slower?

People who consider getting a second hair transplant usually worry that the transplanted hair from the second operation might grow slower. Even though the recovery period is similar for both first and second hair transplant operations, the hair growth might be slightly slower the second time around. This is most probably because of the scar tissue left from the first operation.

However, it is important to note that the overall growth of hair will not be lower than the first hair transplant.

Will I observe shock loss after a second hair transplant?

Yes, shock loss is a normal phenomenon to occur after a hair transplant operation. Thankfully, it does not interfere with the overall success of your hair transplant operation. You will still be seeing the results you have planned for.

Which techniques are suitable for a second hair transplant?

The follicular unit extraction (FUE) and direct hair implementation (DHI) methods, which are known to be the most popular hair transplant techniques, are both suitable for a second hair transplant procedure.

Independently from the technique you used for the first hair transplant operation, you can choose to get your second hair transplant operation with one of these techniques.

Conclusion: Is a second hair transplant worth it?

The one question everyone is wondering the answer to: Is a second hair transplant worth it? The answer to this question really depends on your specific condition and your expectations. If you think you would be happier with improved hair density, you have a scar you would like to cover up, or you are not satisfied with the results of your first hair transplant operation, then yes, a second hair transplant can be worth it. You can also consider a non-surgical method of scalp micropigmentaion (hair tattoo) for denser look.

Make sure to clearly communicate with your surgeon about your expectations to ensure that a second hair transplant operation is really the best option for you. Feel free to take a look into hair transplant growth timeline to see if it is early to think about a second transplant! You can either reach us on our contact form or click on the WhatsApp icon below for instant communication. Our team of experts will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!