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Forget The Hangover, let’s talk about the hangover cure: Bradley Cooper’s perfect hairline. In the hair department, he’s a bit like Brad Pitt. Whatever the hairstyle, it suits him. The man rocks everything from a messy out-of-bed hairstyle to the elegant Oscars look, and he does it all with effortless confidence. But what is the secret behind Cooper’s never-balding scalp despite his age? Is it Bradley Cooper’s hair transplant? We’re peeling back the layers (sorry, not sorry) to see if there’s more to his hair secrets than meets the eye.
First, the elephant in the room: let’s address the comeback hairline. Let’s face it, time goes by, and hairlines normally recede. But then Bradley’s hairline abundance came subtly, gradually, and was frankly, barely noticeable. We should also mention that Cooper’s dad, bless his soul, had a more generous forehead later in life, suggesting genetics often play a role, except for Bradley.
So, what brand is his secret scalp potion? Without further do, let’s dive in to reveal what Bradley has been up to and if he joined the front row of celebrity hair transplant lovers.

Bradley Cooper’s Iconic Hairstyles Over The Years

bradley cooper different hair styles

Well-known for his fascinating on-screen roles, we’ve all witnessed how he pulls off a wide range of looks with ease. Let’s go back in time and see some of the iconic hairstyles that Bradley Cooper has worn throughout his career:

bradley cooper clean cut hair
Bradley Cooper frequently had well-groomed hair in his early Hollywood years. The clean and tidy sides and somewhat longer length at the top of his hair completed this polished image. His roles in romantic comedies and dramas, where he frequently played charming and sophisticated characters, fit him well with this hairdo.

bradley cooper messy hair

Cooper’s haircut evolved along with his profession. In the middle to late 2000s, he adopted a looser, more carefree style. This haircut gave him a more rough appearance with its somewhat longer length. Cooper’s unruly hair went well with his parts in gritty movies where he played characters with a trace of depth and rebellion.

bradley cooper slicked back hair

When Bradley Cooper embraced the slicked-back look in the early 2010s, it became one of his trademark hairstyles. This elegant and refined hairdo showcased well-groomed hair, frequently with a glossy appearance. With this refined look, Cooper projected confidence and elegance whether he was posing for pictures on the red carpet or playing strong characters on screen.

bradley cooper long hair

Bradley Cooper had been experimenting with longer hairstyles in the 2010s in an effort to achieve a more carefree and younger look. He appeared to be a little messy, with shoulder-length grunge hair that we all embraced with its natural waves and texture.

bradley cooper buzz cut

Bradley Cooper most recently shocked us all by getting a buzz cut, a dramatic hairdo alteration. Cooper’s buzz cut, which he got by cutting off his longer hair for a shorter, more understated style, emphasizes his willingness to appear younger and fresher. This haircut accentuates his facial features and gives him a resilient attitude in our opinion.

Understanding Bradley Cooper’s Battle With Hair Loss

Things get easily forgotten but Bradley had an addiction problem before we came to know him in leading roles. The first signs of his hair loss coincide with the time he decided to overcome substance and alcohol addiction.

We all suffer from something at some stage of our lives and it often shows the early signs of hair loss, recession, or diffusion. That was exactly the case for Bradley Cooper when it came to his hair but he pulled the strings on time before anyone noticed.

hair transplant before after bradley cooper

Comparing Bradley Cooper’s Hair Before And After

In his early thirties, Cooper was already transitioning from a Norwood 2 to a Norwood 3 on the global scale of baldness. But the early signs of his hair loss date back to his mid-twenties, although only visible to the trained eye.

Bradley’s hair recession was best observed on his temples, forming an M shaped hairline.
For some time, he tried to live with it combing his hair to the front.

The difference is only noticeable when his short haired photos from 2006 and 2007 showcasing his naked temples are compared to his photos taken after 2008.

His case isn’t one of those dramatic changes. It’s a story of early intervention and success.

Did Bradley Cooper Get A Hair Transplant?

bradley cooper hair transplant before and after

As we mentioned, there were subtle-looking interventions at play.

Cooper seems to have eventually got himself a hair transplant. We suspect his first hair transplant dates back to 2008 after analyzing the close-up pictures showing his hairline.

We see him in his famous movie The Hangover in 2009 as if nothing happened. But something did happen. His medium-length, messy hairstyle in the movie prevents the crowds from seeing the trick but his hairline is much fuller compared to previous years.

It does look like Cooper is taking good care of his hair, probably also on hair growth medication but his Irish and Italian ancestry sure helps to keep his good quality hair. Meanwhile, he may have had several follow-up procedures a.k.a. mini transplants.

Which Hair Transplant Technique Was Used?

There are no signs of a FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) scar on Bradley Cooper’s scalp even with a buzz cut. This can only mean one thing; it must have been the FUE method (Follicular Unit Etraction).

Both hair transplant techniques are practiced today and the method chosen mostly depends on the surgeon’s decision about the best-suited technique for every patient individually.

FUE is much more labor intensive (so it’s a longer procedure) but provides excellent results, a shorter healing time, and a natural finish.

Graft Count: How Many Grafts Were Transplanted?

Bradley Cooper’s refreshed hairline was kept as natural as possible and the difference is only subtly noticeable on his temples. That is why his corrected hairline tells us the story of 1500 to 2000 grafts.

Remember that after his hair procedure in 2008, he may have had some follow-up touches but we can only talk about what is visible.

With that being said, let’s take a look into how much he must have paid for it.

How Much Did Bradley Cooper’s Hair Transplant Cost?

bradley cooper hair transplant before after result

In the world of hair transplants, especially when it’s a FUE, graft count has the biggest impact on the final bill. The next big thing that has an impact is the geographical location along with the reputation of the hair transplant clinic.

To explain this further, Bradley Cooper is highly likely to have never left LA for his hair transplant where the cost of one graft starts at a whopping $7. This puts the total cost of a 2000 graft hair transplant at $14,000. In LA clinics, doctor’s consultations, post-op medications, and post-op care are often not included in the price of the procedure, so add those if you will.

On the other hand, may he had chosen one of the top hair transplant clinics in Istanbul, Turkey to get the same results (if not better), he would have paid $2000 in total for the hair transplant, luxury hotel stay, VIP transfers, an interpreter, post-op session and medications included. Keep reading to find out where exactly you can get a life-changing hair transplant experience for the best existing price/performance.

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bradley cooper hair transplant before and after result

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