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As one of the few high caliber celebrities who needs no introduction, an average world citizen must have watched at least five of his movies. From Django to Spiderman, Miami Vice, Ray, Sleepless, and countless others, Jamie Foxx is a hard-working Hollywood star in very high demand.
Raise your hand if you noticed that Jamie Foxx always has a great hairline as if he’s never aged. How is it that he manages to keep his hair in the most perfect shape possible throughout a 35-year active acting career? Shouldn’t it been the opposite with all the stress, and the constant stage hairdo of a premium star?
We love getting deep into celebrity hair secrets and Jamie Foxx is at the center of our utmost attention today.
Did Jamie Foxx earn his place in the celebrity hair transplant club? Or is he in fact, a founding member of the Club? Let’s open the floodgates and see all that he has been hiding because we know how to smell out a Foxx.

Understanding Jamie Foxx’s Hair Loss

jamie foxx hair transplant before after result

The thing is, Jamie never seemed to have any problems with his perfect hair, whatsoever. He also never had a notably receding hairline or any hair diffusion. If you think it’s because he is blessed by hair gods, think again.
What we will reveal here today is proof that Jamie Foxx outfoxed the entire world.
Let’s analyze the state and quality of his hair to extract some hair lessons.

Comparing Jamie Foxx’s Hair Before And After

jamie foxx hair scar and tattoo

It requires a lot of work and detailed deciphering with the intuition and analytical skills of a detective solving a puzzle.

This guy has been putting in the work to maintain his hair and hairline so to notice the difference, it is best to look at his pictures from 90ies, early 2000s, late 2000s, and post-2020.

In 1994 at age 27 we see him with a nice, clean, and natural hairline which is his.

Come 2004 he has a visibly lowered hairline despite minimal receding. Take notice of how his temples were brought in closer to his eyes. The whole hairline is also artificially geometrical with sharp angles.

In 2007, out of all places he got a tattoo on his head exactly at the point where post-hair transplant strip surgery scars live.

Fast forward to 2020, and the tattoo is gone… Isn’t that interesting? As a result, the sizeable FUT scar resurrected along with signs of FUE!
Keep reading to find out what all these abbreviations mean along with an unmerciful exposure of Jamie Foxx’s dirty hair secrets.

Did Jamie Foxx Get A Hair Transplant?

jamie foxx hair transplant before and after

Jamie acted in such a smart way that he couldn’t be blamed for fooling the whole entire world.

As cunning as a fox, he has been taking calculated steps to maintain what he doesn’t want to lose.

Most are shocked to know that Jamie Foxx has not only had a hair transplant but he has had multiple interventions to his hairline. Details are explained below.

Which Hair Transplant Technique Was Used?

The most advanced and popular hair transplant technique today is called a FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). But it wasn’t until 2010 that FUE was developed, so that alone is proof that Jamie Foxx’s 2004 hair transplant was a FUT (Follicular Unit Transfer a.k.a. strip surgery). The strip surgery scar seen all around the back of Foxx’s head seconds this diagnosis.
Secondly, there’s enough clue to back that Jamie Foxx had a follow-up hair transplant in 2014. This time, it was a FUE, which means that he had at least two hair transplants in the shadows.

Graft Count: How Many Grafts Were Transplanted?

Judging his 2004 FUT hair transplant by the change in Jamie Foxx’s temple areas and the overall density of his hairline, it must have been close to 2000 grafts.

Same story with his 2014 FUE transplant, we see 2000 grafts extracted from the back of his head and added elsewhere for increased density on areas most exposed to cameras.

Where Did Jamie Foxx Get His Hair Transplant?

jamie foxx hair transplant before after

No one knows, so let’s speculate. This is a top-notch Hollywood actor who is very busy. His schedule is packed with two to three Hollywood films in a single year which means it isn’t viable for him to travel abroad for a hair transplant.
Let’s therefore assume he got them both done in the US, where it’s also easier to hide post-op and during healing time, bypassing airports, etc. The US is not the shining star of the hair transplant industry though.

Many other celebs like Akon are known to have had a hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey. Istanbul’s fame, reputation, success rates, and unbeatable prices are second to none when it comes to hair transplants.

How Much Did Jamie Foxx’s Hair Transplant Cost?

A number of different variables come together to set the final cost of a hair transplant but to make it easier for patients to understand what they are paying for, hair transplant clinics often say they charge per graft.
Since both of Jamie Foxx’s hair transplants happened a while ago and US clinics charge way beyond the graft count, we can only speculate about what he may have paid.
His 2004 strip surgery may have cost Jamie somewhere around $10k and the FUE he had ten years later should have been $20k, which brings the total to $30k. Again, these are US prices.

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Everyone has their own story in life and the same is true about the effort we put into improving our lives. Jamie Foxx has done his best and in his best interest as an acclaimed actor. He may be famous but we are all the main act in our own lives, so we hope that you always entertain the idea of living a fulfilled life.

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