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Celebrity hair transplant stories are only valuable when they set an example and provide resourceful insight. Like most others, we find LeBron James’ hair comeback situation not only curious but also interesting enough to put under our radar. Ways different celebrities deal with hair loss can teach a lot to those searching for the ultimate, permanent hair loss solution.
Since we are after exactly that pursuit, let’s analyze if the basketball star actually joined celebrities who have a hair transplant.
Rest assured that towards the end of our analyses, you will find a treasure that will make you get out of bed.

LeBron James Hair Loss

lebron james hair transplant before after

Hair loss is something that unites humankind. No one gets special treatment with regard to it. Similar to the experience of millions affected by male pattern baldness, LeBron James started seeing the preliminary signals of hair loss in his mid-twenties. This is the typical age for most men to start catching sight of the early manifestations of hair fall. Depending on the pace of a person’s hair loss, some do not even notice. It may come as slow but consistent.
For LeBron, things happened at a progressive speed and in the span of a couple of years, his hairline was nowhere to be seen.
That was the time he turned to sweatbands to cover up his receding hairline, owning a large collection of all sorts of colors.

LeBron James’ Hair Transplant

lebron james hair transplant before and after result

King James likely endured silent suffering due to severe hair loss, a condition that aged him nearly twenty years in appearance. The truth is that as a peak-performing athlete with all eyes on you, that’s the last image you’d want to project.
Nevertheless, in most recent years, LeBron James is observed with what seems to be a thicker head of hair, and notably, with a visibly improved hairline. This alone provides sufficient justification for us to investigate the type of hair loss solution he might have chosen (hint: it’s a hair transplant).
The ideal hair transplant is the one that leaves no evident trace, yet our assessment reveals a different narrative regarding King James’ procedure. Let’s translate what we see into words.
First and foremost, when his hair is cut short enough, we notice an old-fashioned FUT scar on the side of his head. This scar is without a doubt the result of a strip of hair being extracted from the donor area to address the bald patches.

How Many Grafts Were Transplanted in LeBron James’ Hair Transplant??

Regarding the scale of his hair transplant, in our opinion, he received half the number of grafts he could have opted for. Afro curls are often advantageous compared to straight hair because they look more abundant. We still think his surgeon didn’t want to take any risk, as it looks like no more than an 1800 graft transplant when a much fuller look could be achieved with more.
Regardless, two main factors play a role after getting a hair transplant: genetic code and aftercare. King James seems to have lost a third of the transplanted hair, probably because he did not have the time for a regular hair care regimen.

LeBron James Before And After Hair Transplant

lebron james hair transplant before after result

As King James’s hair loss progressed, we noticed he resembled the men from the actual royal family in terms of hair. By the time he reached age thirty, his hair loss was at a stage where it had to be addressed.
The whole top of his head was severely diffused. His hairline no longer existed and it all made him look far from a winner.
Until one day, he was finally seen recovered with brand new black hair of his own and enough scar evidence to back up the hair transplant. From what is obvious to see, his surgeon decided to use two different hair transplant techniques or, he had two procedures at different times with different methods; FUT and FUE.

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lebron james hair transplant before and after

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