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Hairline lowering surgery is one of the most effective ways to adjust the height of the hairline and balance out the facial proportions. People can have high hairline for several reasons including genetics and hair loss around the hairline. As a result, the forehead can seem disproportionally wide compared to the other parts of the face. Hairline lowering surgery in Turkey offers such long-lasting and noticeable results that it has become one of the most preferred solutions.

Many people are unhappy about the width of their forehead and looking for an effective solution. If you also have been thinking about changing the look of your forehead, it might be worth checking out your options in Turkey and getting detailed information about the hairline lowering surgery.

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How can I make my hairline lower?

If the height of your hairline is posing an issue to the overall facial symmetry to the point that you are unhappy about it, there are two common solution options you can go for: hair transplant and forehead reduction surgery.

Both of these operations are surgical aesthetic treatments that can offer significant and satisfying changes. So, which option is the most suitable for you?

Hair transplant vs forehead reduction for hairline lowering

step one

Hair transplant to lower the hairline

Hair transplant involves extracting healthy hair follicles from a donor area and transplanting them to a target area to increase hair density or create the desired appearance. This popular aesthetic operation is also used to lower the hairline. Transplanting hair follicles along the front of the head can create a lower hairline and balance out the facial proportions.

Hair transplant is preferred by the most of the patients because it is a well-known & proven operation that has led to proven stellar results.

step two

Forehead reduction surgery to lower the hairline

Forehead reduction surgery is another option that offers great results for people with higher hairlines. This surgical operation involves the removal of excess skin and actively pulling down the hairline.

Even though forehead reduction surgery is a long-lasting effective solution, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea because it is a much more invasive procedure compared to a hair transplant. Furthermore, the recovery time and the down time after a forehead reduction surgery are much longer compared to a hair transplant because it involves an incision along the forehead.

It is important to note that even though hair transplant has a quicker recovery period, it also involves a recovery period and requires approximately 6 – 8 months to achieve an unnoticeable result.

Female hairline lowering

The effect of a higher hairline can be accentuated by the longer and thicker hair of women. This can lead to a more noticeable problem. This is why many women who are unhappy about the imbalanced look of their forehead have been resorting to female hairline lowering surgery.

Both hair transplant and forehead reduction surgery are suitable techniques for female hairline lowering. Because women have thicker hair, they are usually great candidates for hair transplant hairline lowering operations.

However, because women usually have longer hair, it might be harder to seamlessly blend the newly transplanted hair in with the natural hair during the first couple of months after the surgery. If you don’t want to go through the hair growth period and are willing to have a little bit longer recovery period, forehead reduction surgery can be a good second option for you.

Male hairline lowering

For men, a high hairline can give the illusion of male pattern baldness even though this is not the case. Whether hair loss is involved or not, a higher hairline that interferes with the symmetry of the face bothers many men.

Forehead reduction surgery as a hairline lowering method is generally not the best option for male hairline lowering due to potential hair loss after the surgery.

Men generally achieve better and long-term results with hair transplant procedure if they have enough number of hair grafts on their donor area. Also, hair transplant is a less risky operation and it’s been proven that it provides superior results over forehead reduction.

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Which one is better hair transplant or forehead reduction surgery?

Both hair transplant and forehead reduction surgery result in a great difference and lead to improved facial proportions.

Deciding between these options can be challenging. This decision should be based on the professional assessment of your condition and your personal preferences. For the hair transplant, the availability of healthy donor hair follicles plays a crucial role in the suitability of the procedure. On the other hand, your hair loss type and scalp flexibility are important factors in the success of a forehead reduction surgery. You can consult with our surgeons to find out whether you are suitable for these procedures or not.

Surely, your preference should also play a role in the decision process. The forehead reduction surgery is a much more expensive and invasive operation that involves creating an incision along the forehead. This incision means that the downtime will be longer than a hair transplant. So, if you are not willing to go through a more invasive surgical operation, a hair transplant for hairline lowering might be a better option for you.

However, even though a hair transplant does not involve a long downtime, the recovery period and seeing the full results of a hair transplant can take slightly longer time than the forehead reduction surgery.

How much does hairline lowering cost in Turkey?

The cost of hairline lowering in Turkey is more affordable than in any other European country.

The costs of hairline lowering with forehead reduction starts from from $4,000 in Turkey.

Hairline lowering with hair transplant starts from $2000 in Turkey.

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Hairline lowering surgery recovery

Forehead reduction surgery recovery

After a forehead reduction surgery, you can expect some mild pain in the first few days post-surgery. You can go back to your normal life after 1-2 weeks however, you need to avoid strenuous activities for at least 1-2 months. The scar from the incision might have a pink appearance for 3-6 months after your surgery.

Hair transplant recovery

It usually takes most people to go back to work 2-5 days after a hair transplant operation. Even though no significant pain is expected after a hair transplant, you might experience some itching and sensitivity. The transplanted hair can fallout within 2-3 weeks after surgery. However, you can see new hair growth within a few months. Usually, it takes approximately a year to see the full effects of a hair transplant.

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At what age can you get a forehead reduction surgery?

Technically there is no age limit for forehead reduction surgery. Usually, you should be out of puberty which means the shape of your forehead will not change any further.

Does forehead reduction surgery leave a scar?

Yes, the incision along the hairline will leave a temporary scar which will fade and become barely noticeable in time.

Is forehead reduction painful?

Forehead reduction is not a painful surgery. So, if you are anxious about how you would feel during the surgery, you don’t need to worry. Your surgeon will use a general anaesthetic to ensure maximum comfort during your operation. After your surgery, your pain should be mild enough to soothe with some painkillers. After a few days, you won’t be feeling any pain.

Are you in search of a youthful look with higher confidence? Forehead Reduction might be best the way for you! Reach us through our contact form or WhatsApp button above for a free consultation with our team of experts. If you lean towards a hair transplant, feel free to check out hair transplant growth timeline. We are here to make mirrors friendlier!

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