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The decision to undergo a hair transplant for someone with Afro-textured hair is not merely about aesthetics; it’s a deeply personal and meaningful choice rooted in reclaiming cultural heritage and embracing authenticity. It is more so for black celebrities who represent the black culture and heritage proudly and set the stage as role models.

On the other hand, due to its coiling nature, afro hair is much more difficult to transplant compared to straight hair. Some hair transplant clinics specialize in transplanting afro-textured hair and this means that they are able to achieve greater success rates than other clinics.

After this brief introduction, let’s take a look into some of the black celebrities with hair a transplant who have a tremendous influence on their fans.

Here are 27 Black Celebrity with Hair Transplant Before – After Photos

Take a look at 27 black celebrities’ hair transplant after-results to see just how transformative this procedure can be. Witness how it has helped A-list black celebrities achieve luscious, thick hair by lowering their hairlines and thickening their crowns and temples. Don’t wait any longer to get the hair you deserve – consider a hair transplant today.

LeBron James Hair Transplant Before and After

lebron james hair transplant before after

In terms of pure statistics, it’s an extremely rare trait to gain a spot in the NBA. Very, extremely rare. In the hair loss department, however, we all share the same odds. It must have been hurtful to LeBron James to have severe signs of balding and not be able to hide it from the floodlights on the court.
Making the time for a hair transplant for active professional players of any sport is quite a task because they are in constant physical training and sweat is a part of their look. It’s relieving to see that LeBron James managed to leave the hurting truth of baldness behind. The before and after evidence indicates that 2000 to 2500 grafts were transplanted to achieve his current look.

Kanye West Hair Transplant Before and After

kanye west hair transplant before after

Poor Kanye’s net worth shrank from $2b down to $400m in 2022 after Adidas resumed their Yeezy partnership, but he proved that he can still afford a hair transplant. Kanye West regards himself as the King of the world and kings don’t like revealing their insecurities. He has silently and very tactfully undergone a hair transformation that wasn’t the result of coconut oil rubs.
Kanye West’s corrected hairline and filled-in temples whisper the story of a hair transplant without a doubt. The father of four is known to have gone through a bold evolution in his sense of fashion, and what is the meaning of fashion if you don’t have any hair to pair?

Jamie Foxx Hair Transplant Before and After

jamie foxx hair transplant before after

Sly as a fox in the hair division, Jamie Foxx was going bald and we all know it. His hairline was nowhere to be seen, then he had a FUT scar and then he got a tattoo to cover up that scar on his head while making up some story about it. Did we believe in it? Nope. Evidence lies in history because it must have been around 2005 when he went under the knife which is when FUT was the only available method for a hair transplant.
Comparing his pictures before and after, you can decide for yourself where the hairline came from (hint; it’s a hair transplant). It does look great by the way, we just don’t buy the story behind the tribal tattoo.

Will Smith Before and After

will smith before after

Hair is a delicate topic for the Smith family and Will Smith does not have any obvious signs of a hair transplant. His hairline seems almost unchanged in the past three decades but the problem is that the unchange is against human nature as we age.
From a celebrity hair transplant perspective, Will Smith may as well be avoiding hair loss through a smart prevention approach by getting micro touches every now and then. Imagine how hurtful things can get if he gets a bold hair transformation when wifey is suffering from a shock hair loss. So, just maybe, Will Smith doesn’t feel that waiting for visible signs of hair fall is the best approach when he can opt for microscopic maintenance instead. Not in sight, not in mind…

Lewis Hamilton Hair Transplant Before and After

lewis hamilton hair transplant before after

Listed amongst the 100 top influential people in the world in Time magazine in 2020, Lewis Hamilton was also knighted as Sir in 2021. None of it helped with his hair loss which seems to be the best indicator for equality in the world. Regardless, Hamilton is one of those celebrities who was once concerningly bald and it all happened within the same year sweating in a helmet with championship pressure on his shoulders.
Given that he was still relatively young in his mid-twenties at the time, Hamilton seems to have made a timely decision to get a hair transplant done. A stitch in time saves nine, because you want to make sure to have sufficient healthy donor hair to qualify for a hair transplant.

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Idris Elba Hair Transplant Before and After

idris elba hair transplant before after

The Wire star has many talents under his belt besides acting and hair loss did not take away from his charisma whatsoever, simply because he did not let it happen. Just like Will Smith, Elba is suspected of getting regular nano-maintenance sessions to keep his hairline intact.
This approach seems to be the new black among A-class celebrities; those smart enough not to wait until signs of a receded hairline are obvious to the public eye. If you know it’s gonna happen, why let it happen? Overall and over time, Elba probably got at least 2000 grafts transplanted on his hairline noiselessly and elegantly.

Tiger Woods Hair Transplant Before and After

tiger woods hair transplant before after

Like a tiger at bay, Tiger Woods isn’t out of the woods just yet from a hair loss perspective. His long-standing battle with hair loss continues even after the FUT surgery that left a visible scar on one side of his scalp. The thing is that Woods’ hair type is thin and weak by nature. For someone who is half-Asian, one-quarter Caucasian, one-eighth African-American, and one-eighth Native American, his genetics are quite exotic.
Tiger Woods isn’t shy to mention or even joke about his hair loss in interviews, which deserves respect. His attempt to give the hair transplant a go may not have resulted positively and he seems to have given up on it.

Chris Brown Hair Transplant Before and After

chris brown hair transplant before after

It’s probable that Chris Brown unintentionally abused and damaged his hair as a result of being on top of show business. Hair being the most important accessory and image-maker of any R&B King, it’s also what gets worn out first.
Regarding Chris Brown’s hairline and hair density, we see the obvious signs of a hair transplant because he has the hairline of a 15 year old. He probably got a FUE hair transplant exceeding 1500 grafts to recreate the hairline and another 1000 grafts for added density. Chris is only in his mid-thirties, so we can just hope that he makes the time for hair TLC in the years to come.

Deion Sanders Hair Transplant Before and After

deion sanders hair transplant before after

The grand Deion Sanders is stepping into his sixties soon but he’s still standing like a mountain, tall and strong. He started receding in the ’90s and he was aware of it, so he first took up on baseball hats (also in his private life) and then decided to just shave it all off for the rest of time. A hair transplant wasn’t a thing back then.
The reason behind his amazing hairline today is his determination to lead a life of the finest quality. He did not know that a hair transplant was an option for afro-type hair. He actually went to the hair transplant clinic with his son and they both got successful hair transplants done at a hair transplant clinic in the US that approaches famous sportspeople for PR.

Sadio Mane Hair Transplant Before and After

sadio mane hair transplant before after

Did you observe the change in the football talent who once had the most distinguished forehead out in the field? We certainly did. Sadio had lost so much of his hairline that the rest was in line with his ears, almost reaching up to his crown area. What brings him to this day with a brand new hairline is a 3000 graft FUE hair transplant. His surgeon has done something unusual and created a very natural looking hairline instead of the typical straight line that most afro-textured hair patients get.
Respecting his charitable angel side, we wish that all the kind aid he organizes comes back to him in the form of more hair.

Tory Lanez Hair Transplant Before and After

tory lanez hair transplant before after

Currently serving his time at the North Kern State Prison in Delano, California for shooting ex-girlfriend on the foot, Lanez seems to be a cold blooded fella. He did get a hair transplant before he went into prison though as he had severe hair diffusion all over. He does deserve some love for he has been very open about his hair transplant procedure to inform the general public, showing that there is a solution for hair loss.
Lanez got his hair transplant from the hands of a shiny Hollywood doctor. He was recommended this surgeon for specializing in Afro and Latino hair transplants and it’s undisclosed how much he paid but the final results look acceptable. His new hair may be his new motivation now that he’s been stripped of his freedom for a while.

Naomi Campbell Hair Transplant Before and After

naomi campbell hair transplant before after

Besides her exotic beauty, best known as the most whimsical model to work with, Naomi Campbell is among celebrities who have been facing serious hair fall. She had bald patches visible, especially on the sides of her scalp. Of course, years of hair styling and pulling take their toll on many models and TV personalities as a result of having to look groomed to perfection all the time.
The severity of Naomi’s hair loss also stems from heavy hair extensions she wore for decades as the glamour girl and her condition was caused by traction alopecia. This girl had probably 2500 grafts transplanted on her hairline, around her ears, and still could do well with following treatments for added density.

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Usher Before and After

usher before after

Hailing from Haitian heritage, Usher is a fantastic entertainer who also falls into the “my hair is my pride” personality type. He’s known to keep his hair short but comes up with the most intriguing hairstyles. Blessed with thick hair and hard-to-come-across density to this date, Usher turns 46 this year and doesn’t show any signs of hair loss whatsoever.
We still need to remind you that male pattern alopecia gets you with a shock loss when you least expect it. For some people, the hair loss occurs in a very short span. Usher still having all of his hair doesn’t mean he has it guaranteed forever. The message here is to keep your hair fall in check as you age and remember that time is not your friend.

Oprah Winfrey Hair Loss Before and After

oprah winfrey hair transplant before after

You know she lives inside your TV. Oprah looks clean and appropriate on every occasion and she’s busy. Oprah being Oprah, she sometimes attends three different photoshoots, events, interviews, etc. in one day and each one requires a different hairdo. When this has been the case for decades, how on earth has she managed to still have healthy hair with minimal damage?
The secret lies in her awareness, dedicated hair care routines, and of course, her hair stylist. Unlike say, Naomi Campbell who doesn’t need to have her own dedicated stylist traveling around with her, Oprah does have her own hair stylist and she’s good. Juggling both Oprah’s hairdos and hair care routine, the power duo work hand in hand to keep Oprah’s hair-glam.

Floyd Mayweather Hair Transplant Before and After

floyd mayweather hair transplant before after

Who would have known that the tough man of numerous boxing titles was going to publicly open up about his vulnerabilities? Way past his Springtime, Mayweather has set an applaudable example in the world of hair transplants after suffering from hair loss for over twenty years and not knowing what to do about it.
At age 43, he rocked a successful hairline reconstruction and a beard transplant trusting the advancements and success rates in the hair transplant scene. After years of feeling under the weather, Mayweather changed his own destiny showing the world that afro hair transplants can result in great success when done skillfully.

Don Lemon Before and After

don lemon before after

Don Lemon may not have the global fame of Oprah, but as an anchorman, he is exposed to bright camera lighting almost every day. Lemon was shown as one of the most influential blacks in the US and had a lot on his shoulders as a political commentator on CNN. And guess what? His hair, although almost always kept very short, started losing its density.
Taking a look into what he has done about it, there are three options; he’s still using cans of hair fibers, or his fresh appearance is the result of an undetectable and washable male hair system, or he underwent a hair transplant. What we need to know is that only the latter survives.

Aubameyang Hair Transplant Before and After

aubameyang hair transplant before after

Imagine a world where good-hearted people could keep their hair forever and those involved in bad deeds went bald. Since that’s never going to happen and the world doesn’t work like that, let’s see how we can stay young like Aubameyang. Unlike everyday people, Aubama shed his hair in front of cameras that follow his every move in the field.
No public announcement came directly from the striker but athletes can’t do hair fibers while running around in sweat, and this leaves two options; the glue-on man’s hair system or the hair transplant. For a footballer, anything glued on their scalp isn’t an option and that leaves us with a successful hair transplant. Given how advanced his hair loss was, it must have been at least 3000 grafts that were transplanted on him.

Akon Hair Transplant Before and After

akon hair transplant before after

Akon elegantly revealed his hair transplant on the Bootleg Kev show, announcing to the world that he took a trip to Turkey to get it done. When asked if it was painful, he stated that the only part when he felt something was in the beginning. It’s typical that hair transplant patients feel a little discomfort when local anesthesia is administered but that’s a very short-lived moment.
Akon went through a 3000 graft transplant session to achieve the type of hairline and density he now has. It seems like he may go back for more as he spoke about not being able to grow any facial hair and that he wouldn’t mind to have some.

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Tyga Hair Transplant Before and After

tyga hair transplant before after

Another brave artist who’s at peace with his (corrected) flaws is Tyga. He owned it after minutes the rumor about his hair transplant was spilled. His hair transplant on the hairline front is looking good and more importantly, suits him. Tyga’s hair transplant was done by the same celebrity-focused doctor in the US who handled Tory Lanez’s hair transplant.
The journey that brought Tyga back to the hairline of his teenage years took probably 2000 grafts at the least. Now 34 years old, time is on Tyga’s side until he feels the need for a touch-up in a decade or so.

Tyra Banks Hair Transplant Before and After

tyra banks hair transplant before after

A bit of a workaholic, Tyra Banks has been juicing her beauty and career as one of the busiest models, producers, and TV personalities for many years. This also means relentless hours of hair styling to shine through. Tyra Banks’ hair damage was bad but not as bad as Naomi Campbell’s. Smart Tyra acted timely to opt for a hair transplant and saved the rest of her hair years.
Her main problem was her receding hairline overall but mainly her forehead. Things were not looking good when she had her hair in a bun but it was all filled with a 2500 graft hair transplant and she even grows baby hairs now. Very good work.

Anthony Martial Hair Transplant Before and After

anthony martial hair transplant before after

A French footballer playing for a British club, Martial has recently gone through a serious sports injury for which he had to be operated. Currently still in the post-op recovery phase, we suspect that Anthony Martial volunteered for a procedure lesser known to the public before his injury happened; a hair transplant.
Some translate the change in his hairline as just scalp micropigmentation which sort of simulates hair roots through what could be described as a scalp tattoo. However, Martial’s hairline has visibly improved and it is hard to believe that the scalp micro pigmentation alone can achieve that. A more logical explanation is a hair transplant or a combination of both procedures.

Timbaland Hair Transplant Before and After

timbaland hair transplant before after

The man who introduced stuttering rhythm to the world is no spring chicken and hair loss is an expected outcome at his age. Owning his receding hairline, the multi grammy holder not only went through a hair transplant in September of 2023 but also documented it. The past few years have been life-changing for Timbaland, so much so that it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he reinvented himself.
He came clean of his addictions, lost 100 pounds in weight, made some muscles, and waved goodbye to his balding head. He had 2000 grafts transplanted when it looked like he could have handled more. The reason why, lies behind the natural curl of afro hair type. Curly hair grafts typically allow for better coverage compared to straight hair.

Kenny Smith Hair Tattoo Before and After

kenny smith hair tattoo before after

Ex-NBA “the Jet” is still fit and awesome for his years, except on the hairline front. Because Kenny has gradually been losing his hair for decades, he picked up the habit to shave his head clean and that’s practically how we all know him. The thing is that it’s easy to notice the transformation on a shiny head, especially when there are no signs of hair growth but a change in the hairline.
The info we collect by analyzing the change in The Jet’s look points to the direction of an SMP (scalp micro pigmentation). A hair transplant is the most recommended permanent solution to hair loss for those who make good candidates but at the end of the day, it’s all about the choices we make.

Andros Townsend Hair Transplant Before and After

andros townsend hair transplant before after

Townsend’s before and after pictures do reveal a lot of information about his previous hair loss and current hair recovery. He came to get amazing hair density and most importantly, the hairline he was born with. But how did this happen when his temples were completely bald since age 20 and he only had a small patch of weak hairball left on top of his head?
From a Norwood 3 to 4 to Norwood 0, the change is astonishing. Since a miraculous hair resurrection only happens overnight through a hair transplant, that’s exactly what happened. In fact, he did try the SMP before opting for a hair transplant which may as well be his strategy for a fuller-looking head to complement the hair transplant. His hair transplant looks so far so good and the strip scar caused by the FUT method used is easy to hide for him due to his textured hair.

Marlo Hampton Hair Transplant Before and After

marlo hampton hair transplant before after

Unlike Kate Moss, Marlo Hampton is a bit of a self-declared style icon but she’s in our lives because there are millions who trust her taste. Marlo’s hair roots were damaged probably as a result of pulling and styling over decades. This is typical of females with afro-textured hair, as they use braids, hair extensions, and hair straightening chemicals more often than those with straight hair.
Marlo was open and public about her hair transplant. As a matter of fact, she managed to turn her hair transplant journey into vulnerability/empowerment PR material through her socials. For a glamour auntie addicted to her long hair, it was the right move for Marlo.

Safaree Samuels Hair Transplant Before and After

safaree samuels hair transplant before after

Since last year, we have seen the famous rapper and ex-Nicki Minaj victim with a refreshed hairline. In fact, the way the entire world found out about Safaree’s hair transplant was also because of Nicki Minaj. She made a scene on X (Twitter) which was a mix of belittling and verbally attacking Safaree while revealing his hair transplant info (and that she paid for it) all in half a sentence.
This is how we all found out that Safaree and Tyga hit the same hair transplant clinic together on the same day. Safaree probably got 2000 grafts transplanted to get his very straight and geometrical hairline which in his case filled in about two inches of his forehead.

Caron Butler Hairpieces Before and After

caron butler hairpieces before after

Caron Butler is one of those former NBA players who always had it bald (or clean-shaved). The thing with a shiny head is that it never grabs any attention because it is rather seen as an active sportsperson’s practicality. Until the hair comes back. Butler shocked everyone, including his family, by appearing with a professionally set hairpiece on national television.
Despite his age and the scale of his baldness, Butler can still opt for a hair transplant. It’s never too late to get your hair back permanently, as long as you still have healthy donor hair on you Butler, but the clock is ticking.

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