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The type of celebrity who zipped his lip about all the hair transplants he had, McConaughey claims his hairline came back because he’s rubbing some topical remedy on his scalp. If this was true, it would have been nice of him to actually say what it is so the rest of the world could benefit from the magical rubbing oil that brings hair back.

In fact, he may be thinking, “let them wonder” and keep his secret in his pocket to bring it out every time he wants to be trending again. What he doesn’t know is that we never throw in the towel when it comes to celebrity hair transplants. Let’s analyze Matthew McConaughey’s hair loss and hair comeback to give him a taste of his own medicine, shall we?

Matthew McConaughey’s Iconic Hairstyles Over The Years

matthew mcconaughey hair styles

matthew mcconaughey early career long hair
During the beginning of his career, McConaughey often appeared with long, flowing hair that gave off a relaxed, surfer image. In movies like “Dazed and Confused” (1993), in which he played Wooderson, this look was the most apparent.

matthew mcconaughey clean cut hair

When McConaughey moved into playing more mature characters, he opted for a neat appearance with his hair pulled back. He looked polished and sophisticated in “A Time to Kill” (1996) and “The Lincoln Lawyer” (2011).

matthew mcconaughey messy hair look

McConaughey has frequently adopted a textured, deliberately untidy hairstyle throughout the latter of his career to enhance the rough and attractive image. This look has appeared in a number of movies, such as “Magic Mike” (2012) and “Mud” (2012), where it suited the carefree and daring disposition of his characters.

matthew mcconaughey salt and pepper hair look

McConaughey seems to have embraced his natural salt-and-pepper hair in recent years, and it’s almost become a signature look for him. Some call it maturity charisma but his Texan rawness is of course still there.

Understanding Matthew McConaughey’s Battle With Hair Loss

The severity of McConaughey’s hair loss was all the more evident when he was arrested in 1999 at the age of 30 and his mug shot was in every newspaper. That infamous picture reveals how bad his hair loss was, at a Norwood stage 3 at the time.

The reason why this came as a shock to many is because A List celebrities are not just a one-person show. There’s a whole army working on the image of these people including makeup artists, hair stylists, PR agencies, and so on. The job of this team is to make sure they always make a sharp appearance and that their weaknesses are professionally hidden.

McConaughey was not allowed to let his grooming team in prison and therefore, that mug shot is his only true self without makeup, hair fibers, or photoshop. It showed his completely naked temples and a widow’s peak so badly that the small ball of wool on top of his head made him look like a homeless person. This is in fact a very common male hair loss pattern and there’s nothing wrong with it. We just like to hit the nail on the head.

Starting from 2005, McConaughey’s hairline and the general state of his hair start looking way different, as in completely new. His hair is dense, full, healthy, and long with a perfect hairline.

In 2010 though, his second most infamous headshot was taken after the birth of his first child. Again, no filter, no makeup, pure golden work of amazing paparazzi to show us the truth. Read further to find out what happened after 2010 because it’s an amusing hide and seek story.

matthew mcconaughey hair transplant before after

Comparing Matthew McConaughey’s Hair Before And After

McConaughey first mentioned losing his hair in 1999 on a live TV show (well, we already know that but it was a confession). He also said that his hair came back as a result of rubbing his scalp with a silver penny and Regenix (a custom hair rejuvenation system on which there are no supporting data or studies).

On the same show, he pretended to be ignorant about what a hair transplant is (he said he has not had a hair transplant and that it’s all his natural hair which is the case when you do get a hair transplant; it is your own hair). A great actor indeed but sometimes (especially when you’re not in a movie) there’s a fine line between acting and lying. But hey, it’s not a lie if you believe in it, right?

McConaughey’s post-hair-transplant hair, however, looks pretty steady and healthy compared to the good old 90s. Despite his denial, we will be giving you all the details about his hair transplants in the following sections.

Did Matthew McConaughey Get A Hair Transplant?

matthew mcconaughey hair transplant before and after

The man himself beats around the bush but regardless, what we observe is that in 2002 he had his first hair transplant just to receed again many years later.

Come 2014 we see him with increased hair density which points to the likelihood of another procedure. When we analyze his 2014 and early 2015 photos, it is more than obvious than not that this guy didn’t magically grow this hair using topical lotions or hair growth medications.

It is a sheer hair transplant. This type of natural look is impossible to achieve with a hairpiece either.

Later in 2015 he decides to get a buzzcut and reveals his hair transplant scar on the side of his head.

In 2018 he showed signs of increased density again. So did he get a hair transplant? He is a serial hair transplant addict in denial.

Which Hair Transplant Technique Was Used?

Based on the fact that the most popular hair transplant technique today wasn’t widely practiced in 2002, McConaughey’s first hair transplant should have been a FUT. There’s also scar evidence to back this up, visible on his scalp whenever he opts for a buzz cut.

The hair transplant we think he had in 2014 must have also been FUT.

In 2018 however, his surgeon may have done the final touches using the FUE method. Over the years, McConaughey managed to keep his hair in control and he owes 100% of it to all the hair transplants he has had.

Graft Count: How Many Grafts Were Transplanted?

As we mentioned, his first and most groundbreaking hair transplant which laid the ground for upcoming touches happened in 2002. By the looks of it, 1200 to 1500 grafts were transplanted to fill in his temples and redesign his shattered hairline. The results speak for themselves and the quality of the work is tops.

The secondhair transplant in 2014 could have added another 1000 grafts to celebrate better density.

The third transplant in 2018 looks like a repeat of the previous one with another 1000 grafts.

The strategy McConaughey followed suits those who do not want to come out of a major hair transplant which suddenly turns most people back to their 20s or 30s. McConaughey does not want to get caught and does things subtly to keep a natural look to prevent eyes from noticing it. However, this approach comes with its perks because who wants to undergo a hair transplant three times just so people don’t notice it? It may make sense for a celebrity but the rest of us have more options.

How Much Did Matthew McConaughey’s Hair Transplant Cost?

matthew mcconaughey hair transplant before after result

Looking at all of his extremely professionally and artistically done hair transplants, they may have cost McConaughey a fortune. Therefore, what matters most is how much they should cost, performed equally wonderfully but without the celebrity price tag.

Other than the value of skill, expertise, technology, and reputation, graft count has the dominant power over the total cost of a hair transplant. And just like everything else, hair transplants of equal quality pull different price tags around the world.

In Austin and Malibu where he is known to reside, one graft starts at 7$ but he is more likely to have paid more. On another note, FUT costs slightly less than FUE but we will calculate the cost of his transplants based on graft count to uncomplicate things. Therefore, based on 3500 grafts we would be talking about a $24,500 bill that does not include consultations, medical tests, or medications.

Did you know that the arbitrage advantage becomes most evident when it comes to treatments that are very expensive in the US? The same graft count at a top hair transplant clinic in Istanbul, Turkey costs between $2200 and $4000, and unlike in the US, the deal includes absolutely everything.

Don’t Settle For Less Than Matthew McConaughey’s Hair Transplant. Let Us Help You Get Your Dream Hair!

matthew mcconaughey hair transplant before and after result

After reading about Matthew McConaughey’s hair transplant story, the ball is now in your court. It starts with being conscious about your hair loss suffering. We provide you with all the alpha that you need and the rest will be to do your own research.
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