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Well well well… So the topic came to hair transplant of Prince Harry. The news just never take a breather when it comes to the British Royal fam and the two Princes never stop shedding hair. Evidently, King Charles and Prince William have hardly any hair left on their heads, and both could greatly benefit from a hair transplant.
Prince Harry, or shall we call him The Duke of Sussex, is only fifth in the line to the British throne, which isn’t all that close. No longer addressed as his royal highness, Harry used his initiative to put a distance with his royal ties and moved to the US, but the drama and animosity never seems to chill. This is often the case even in ordinary families when a misfit family member tries to balance things out between this life and that life, but it never actually works out. As a result, it seems like Prince Harry is loosing his hair due to royal family stress.
Anyhow, we aren’t really here to shed tears about the noble sufferings of the British Royal Family. We can only focus on one suffering at a time and our expertise is on hair loss, so let’s just continue with Harry’s hair situation.
Once rocking ginger locks coming out of nowhere, Harry is in trouble. His only luck is in the texture of his hair which prevents people from taking notice of how advanced his hair diffusion is. If Harry had straight hair like his older brother, he would not look too sexy to Meghan. Gone are the days of African safari dates and she’s left with a no longer royal, balding husband.
Let’s decide for ourselves if Harry joined the rows of the affluent and famous with hair transplants.

Prince Harry’s Hair Loss

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Poor Harry lived all his life, including his childhood days, with cameras all around him all the time. Almost every minute of the royal family is documented in tabloids in the UK, so resources are therefore plentiful when it comes to collecting evidence on the progression of his hair loss.
Henry was one of them wavy ginger boys who had plenty of hair. This makes one think that it’ll always stay that way. His hair did what it could and stood somewhat strong up until 2020 which is when he was 36 years old.
But in the last 4 years, he started losing hair at an alarming pace, exactly on the spots where Prince William is bald.
In 2023, Harry has been pictured with fuller hair on some PR photoshoots but appears with the same hair loss reality in real-life events. Photoshop? Hair fibers? Hair loss medication? All? None? Let’s find out.

Did Prince Harry Have A Hair Transplant?

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There is guesswork around a possible hair transplant and some unbacked theories are speculated by so-called hair transplant experts.
In our professional view, Prince Harry isn’t showing any signs of a hair transplant. To start with, if he had had a hair transplant, he would have a restored hairline along with much better density overall. This isn’t the case at all and his hair loss remains the same as seen on real-life footage.
There is a likelihood that he is trying out different methods, possibly hair growth medication. When it comes to his headshots, they’re clearly touched up, everyone does it.
We can only hope that the little prince decides to undergo a hair transplant before it’s too late for him.

How Many Grafts Hair Transplant Are Ideal For Prince Harry?

Harry’s hair loss shock came about in a short time span so the sooner he gets a hair transplant, the more donor hair he will have to spare.
His hair texture is thick and wavy so if he only aims for a slight cover-up without the tabloid making it a huge deal, he could live with 1000 grafts. This is an option but in our opinion not the ideal one. In an ideal scenario, Prince Harry will do much better with at least 2000, preferably 3000 grafts.

What About Prince Harry’s Hair Transplant Cost?

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With family and ties in two continents, Harry is most likely to get a hair transplant done in the US or the UK. US, or even Canada are wiser options for him for he has much more freedom there compared with the UK.
Prince Harry being a Prince, of course, can afford a dear hair transplant but we will only mention what he would pay under normal circumstances. Let’s take a decent but not over-the-top London hair transplant which for 3000 grafts would cost $15k or more.
LA being the closest metropolitan to where Harry and Meghan live in the US, Harry will pay $20k or more over there for the same number of grafts.
As seen in the above examples, hair transplant costs aren’t the same everywhere even though the treatment quality remains the same. These are considerably high costs, affordable only by old money, celebrities, and royalty. Those who understand the value of their hard earned cash take their time doing research and spend a fraction of these prices getting a top-quality hair transplant in Istanbul.

Thinking Of Getting A Hair Transplant? Contact Us To Show Prince Harry How It’s Done!

prince harry hair transplant before and after result

Here’s the thing; if you’re just looking at what celebrities are doing (or not doing in Harry’s case), you’re missing the forest for the trees. Speed of technology adoption is very fast so you need to decide where you stand in the S curve of this adoption. It’s not just about the Apple Vision Pro, you need to have healthy eyes to use this technology and all other developments that will follow suit.
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