7000 hair grafts transplant Turkey

A 7000 grafts hair transplant in Turkey is considered a severe stage in the Norwood Hair Loss Scale. Individuals who undergo such procedures are nearly bald. However, with a robust donor area and a sufficient graft count, achieving the desired density of hair is still possible!

There can be a dozen factors that trigger hair loss, including hormonal imbalances, psychological explanations, environmental causes or genetic influences. For this reason, individuals experience insecurity due to hair thinning, which pushes them to explore options such as hair transplantation. In the rest of the article, we will explain the highlights and effects of 7000 grafts hair transplant in Turkey.

Before and After Photo after 7000 Hair Graft Transplant

For your questions such as how much area does 7000 grafts cover or what the results look like, the before and after photos below will give you the best explanation.

7000 grafts hair transplant before after

Definition of a Healthy Hair Graft

A hair graft is a single follicular unit, and basically it is used to define a harvested hair-bearing scalp tissue. To have a healthy hair graft, you need to have a healthy scalp. If you do not have adequate conditions to support and nourish your hair follicles, it is not possible to have healthy hair. A healthy person has 2-3 hair strands in one graft. So for a patient to have a 7000 graft hair transplant procedure in Turkey, the patient must have a healthy donor area and a large number of hair there [1].


Relation between Donor Area and Hair Grafts


Relationship between Donor area and Hair Graft


The “donor area” in hair transplantation is the area where healthy grafts are taken and transplanted to the bald area. It is usually located in the occipital region located at the back of the head. Your surgeon takes the grafts, a small part of the scalp skin, one by one and transplants them to the recipient area. Since 7000 hair grafts is a considerable number, harvesting individual grafts can be time-consuming. Be ready for an operation that will take 8 hours.


Average number of hair in 7000 hair grafts

The average person has 2 to 3 hairs in one graft. In 7000 grafts, we expect to have an average of 14,000 to 21,000 hairs. However, please keep in mind that some people may have 1 hair strand and some may have more than 3 hair strands due to many reasons. As a result of the examinations, your surgeon and their team will give you the necessary information about your number of hair strands.

7000 Grafts For Norwood 7 Stage

Which Norwood scale is convenient for 7000 hair grafts?

In the Hamilton-Norwood Hair Loss Scale, Norwood stage 7 corresponds to 7000 grafts. Patients at this stage usually have severe male pattern baldness. Problems such as:

  • severe receding hairline,
  • partial baldness,
  • balding spots at the vertex or very sparse hair can be seen.
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Am I Eligible for a 7000 Grafts Hair Transplant Surgery?

Eligibility for a 7000 grafts hair transplant surgery depends on factors like the extent of hair loss, quality of donor hair, overall health, and realistic expectations. A consultation with a qualified hair transplant surgeon is crucial to evaluate your condition and determine if you meet the criteria. The surgeon will assess donor hair availability, scalp laxity, and potential risks. Open communication about your expectations and concerns is important for a successful outcome.

norwood hair loss scale step 7

What is the recommended technique for Hair Graft Transplant

Today, there are two main techniques for a successful hair transplant.

While DHI is an effective treatment for smaller areas, FUE is the opposite. Therefore, FUE is the most effective among modern and minimally invasive methods for 7000 grafts hair transplant in Turkey. A specialist can even treat noninflammatory secondary scarring alopecia with FUE hair transplant [2].


Which FUE technique should I choose for 7000 hair graft transplant?

FUE hair transplantation is also divided into sub-branches such as Sapphire Ice FUE and Unshaven FUE. They will tell you which hair transplantation technique you are suitable for according to your needs, the characteristics of the hair follicles in the donor area, your hairstyle and your Turkish surgeon’s preference.

Step by Step Process of Hair Graft Transplant


There are 4 basic steps for 7000 grafts FUE. If you decide to have a 7000 grafts hair transplant in Turkey, you will go through these 4 steps.


Step 1: Preparation and Analysis

Your surgeon will initially examine your scalp, ask you some questions about your general health. Then they will decide whether you are suitable to undergo anesthesia as well as a surgery. As a pre-op preparation, you can also be careful about the things below:

  • Stop taking beta-blockers and some other medications as directed by your surgeon.
  • If you are having shaved FUE surgery, we may need to shave the back and sides of your hair. Please feel prepared for this.
  • To avoid potential complications, rest a few days before surgery and take time off work if possible.
  • We will inform you in advance of the estimated time you will need to be in Turkey. Please make the necessary arrangements in your country.
  • You can exercise until the day of surgery, but please remember that you will have exercise restrictions after surgery.


Step 2: Extraction of Follicular Units

After local anesthesia, follicular grafts are extracted one by one from the donor site and transplanted in the recipient site. During FUE hair transplantation, your surgeon will remove groups of hairs in one piece. They do this by targeting the area where the muscle attached to the follicular unit is strongest. Thus, the units are extracted intact, the success of the transplant increases.

The surgeon uses tiny punches (0.6–0.8 mm) to extract hair follicles during follicular unit transplantation. Because the follicular unit is narrowest at the surface, these small punches are enough to remove the hair without leaving noticeable scars. [3]


Step 3: Harvesting the Grafts

Before harvesting the grafts and removing the individual follicle units, the surgeon performs the following steps:

  • Identify the donor area that is resistant to balding.
  • Depending on your preference and the size of the surgery, a hair shave may be performed. The surgeon prefers this because it facilitates the extraction process.
  • Before making incisions in the donor area, the area is numbed with local anesthesia.
  • Creates incisions with a micropunch tool.
  • After the incisions are made, they remove the individual grafts from the scalp and store them in a special solution to keep them alive. Damaged grafts can be discarded.


Step 4: Implanting the Hair Grafts

In the last step of an FUE hair transplant in Turkey, the surgeon transplants the harvested hair grafts to the recipient area of the scalp where the hair transplant is desired. The surgeon follows these steps:

  • Makes small incisions in the recipient area to prepare the scalp for the placement of the hair follicle units waiting in the solution.
  • Plans the depth, size, and angle of the incisions to create a natural look.
  • Applies local anesthesia to numb the recipient area.
  • Places each harvested graft into the prepared recipient sites carefully while using specialized instruments such as implanters or forceps.

The placement of the grafts is done strategically, taking into consideration factors such as hair density, hair growth direction, and natural hairline design to achieve optimal aesthetic results.

Cost of 7000 hair grafts in Turkey


Cost of 7000 Graft in Turkey


The more grafts you need, the higher the cost will be. Therefore, a 7000 grafts hair transplant in Turkey will cost more than a 5000 grafts hair transplant. On average, a 7000 grafts hair transplant cost in Turkey ranges between $2,000-$3,500. When you choose a package, keep in mind that many amenities such as transportation, accommodation and entertainment may be included in the cost. At Vantage Clinic, you can access the highest quality and most up-to-date equipment at attractive prices and get the best hair transplant results in Turkey.


How 7000 Graft Hair Transplant Process Works in Turkey


During the 7000 grafts hair transplant in Turkey, the patient goes through the following stages:

  • First, an online consultation is conducted with patients suffering from androgen-related hair thinning (androgenetic alopecia).
  • Hair transplant specialists may ask the patient to send several photos to analyze the scalp and determine how many grafts they need.
  • If a patient is suitable for a 7000-graft hair transplant, the clinic officials introduce the appropriate hair transplant packages to the patient.
  • The patient chooses the one that suits their budget and needs.
  • Then all other steps such as flight tickets, hotel accommodation, translation support are carried out by our clinic.
  • The patient arrives in Istanbul and is safely settled in their hotel. After resting, he/she is brought to the clinic building with the clinic’s private vehicle and has a face-to-face consultation with the surgeon. They decide on the day and time of the surgery (it is also possible on the same day).
  • The surgery can take between 5 – 8 hours depending on the degree of difficulty, and can be performed in one session or divided into two sessions.

Aftercare Process after Graft Transplantation


After the surgery of 7000 grafts hair transplant in Turkey, you can follow these post-op care steps:

  • Keep the recipient area clean. Follow your surgeon’s hygiene instructions to prevent infection.
  • There is a risk of dislocation of the grafts in the first days. Therefore, do not touch or scratch the transplanted area, especially in the first week.
  • Avoid sun exposure. Sunburn can cause permanent scarring.
  • Take antibiotics and painkillers prescribed by your surgeon.
  • Avoid heavy exercise to prevent complications.

FAQs about 7000 Hair Grafts

Is 7000 grafts a lot?

Yes, the maximum capacity of the average donor site is usually 7000 grafts. When you view the 7000 grafts hair transplant before and after, you will realize what a great amount it is.

How many sessions do I need for a 7000 grafts hair transplant?

It depends on your condition and the choice of your surgeon. Usually 7000 grafts hair transplant in Turkey, takes 2 sessions.

How Much Area Does 7000 Hair Grafts Cover?

How much 7000 grafts will cover your head depends on the graft structure, thickness of the hairs, the size of the head and the density of the hair. However, since 7000 grafts occur in cases of extensive hair loss, it is a size that will cover almost all of your bald areas. Please consult your surgeon to get exact information.

Which sports activities should I avoid to prevent hair loss?

Sports that generally require hats and helmets should be avoided to prevent hair loss.



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