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MGK is a musician for whom style is everything. Just like him, most rappers lead the way in changing their hair colors and the way they style their hair. That’s because hair is an important instrument, almost like an accessory to play around with. It also plays an important role in creating trademark looks as part of the celebrity stage image.

In this blog post, we will be exploring why celebrities like Machine Gun Kelly opt for hair transplants. We will also break MGK’s hair transplant story into pieces to take out the logical and the positive with an aim to help you on your own hair transplant journey.

Let’s see why footballers, famous musicians, influencers, actors, and TV personalities go heavy in hair transplants. Most importantly, let’s answer the question: Did MGK join the rest of the celebrities with a hair transplant? Let’s go down the celebrity hair transplant rabbit hole!

MGK’s Iconic Hairstyles Over the Years

machine gun kelly different hair styles

Redefining his masculinity, Machine Gun Kelly’s transition through numerous hairstyles is a reflection of both his daring attitude to self-expression and his changing fashion sense.
Kelly’s hair styling has always been a visual tribute to his creativity and persistent commitment to authenticity. Machine Gun Kelly’s hair will always be as dynamic and memorable as his music as long as he keeps pushing limits and defying expectations.
Let’s take a closer look at the iconic hairstyles that have defined his career and left a lasting impression on fans around the world:

machine gun kelly hair style messy blonde
Machine Gun Kelly made his debut with his messy blonde hair as part of his naughty boy signature look. This carefree yet trendy haircut set the stage for his subsequent hair trend experiments and went hand in hand with his rebellious nature.

machine gun kelly hair style shaved head

In a bold departure from his previous look, Machine Gun Kelly shocked fans by shaving his head. This dramatic transformation in his appearance signaled a new direction for his career and demonstrated his desire to experiment with different musical and creative approaches. Even with his uncomplicated haircut, MGK radiated charm and confidence, demonstrating the many possibilities of real style.

machine gun kelly hair style neon

Machine Gun Kelly, who never backs down from a spotlight, jumped headfirst into the neon hair craze and experimented with bright pink, blue, and green tones. His onstage presence became inseparable from these striking shades, which infused his performances with a fulfilling quality and reinforced his reputation as an authentic style icon.

machine gun kelly hair style punk rock

Expressing disobedience, Machine Gun Kelly adopted punk rock elements with longer, wavy hair on top and shaved sides in his most recent hairstyle change. His edgy hairdo pays respect to the legendary punk musicians that came before him, while also wonderfully capturing his restless attitude and passion for self-expression.

Understanding MGK’s Battle With Hair Loss

Fans all throughout the world became obsessed with Machine Gun Kelly’s raw skill and edgy tackle when the chart-topping rap superstar first came to attention. But underneath the charming exterior was a personal battle with hair loss that many could identify with. Kelly struggled with the self-doubt and worry that sometimes accompany hair thinning, even in spite of his achievements.
The scene behind the curtains is that celebrities like Machine Gun Kelly feel pressure to uphold their image in a society that is fixated on youth and perfection. In his case, a hair transplant must have been a no-brainer that would hit two birds with one stone. What we mean here is that he would benefit very much from the sensation of the news breaking about his hair transplant AND get his hair back all at the same time.

hair transplant before after machine gun kelly

Comparing MGK’s Hair Before And After

All the above hairstyle juggling of course helped distract the focus from his hair loss which was already evident in his mid-twenties. MGK’s hairline was already revealing Norwood stage 4 baldness since then, heading toward Norwood scale 5. Typically he was also experiencing a moderate recession in his crown area.
At age 24 his very deep widow’s peak was annoying him big time and off he went to the treatment room for what was to be his first hair transplant.
The giga difference is evident in his before and after pictures with a remodeled and dense hairline, filled-in temples, and a thicker crown section.

Did MGK Get A Hair Transplant?

machine gun kelly hair transplant before after result

Did he own it and make a public announcement about his hair transplants? Not really. Despite his silence, there’s sufficient proof to state that MGK has undergone one or probably even two hair transplants over the years.
In terms of timing, what makes the most sense when analyzing his visual archive, we say he must have had his first hair transplant encounter sometime in 2013. This was probably followed by a second date with his surgeon in 2014 or 2015.

Which Hair Transplant Technique Was Used?

Before we get into MGK’s hair transplant method, let’s briefly explain the popular techniques used in Planet hair transplant. Hair transplant technology has advanced significantly and modern methods like Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) are the most practiced by surgeons due to minimum downtime and outcomes that look natural. To ensure flawless integration with existing hair, these procedures entail the precise extraction and transplanting of individual hair follicles.

hair transplant before and after machine gun kelly
In MGK’s case it looks like he had both with the first hair transplant most certainly being a FUT. We say this based on the diagonal hair transplant scar on Machine Gun Kelly’s scalp. Just because we have noticed, it does not mean that this scar actually shows up as long as he doesn’t shave or trim his hair really short. But people typically don’t get a hair transplant to keep their hair short which has been the case for MGK. He keeps a medium-length hair length while occasionally changing the hair color.
His second hair transplant was probably a FUE which provides the surgeon with better artistic flexibility when creating a hairline or feeding density.

Graft Count: How Many Grafts Were Transplanted?

Looking at the drastic change, we can confidently say that his first transplant was around 3000 grafts, which is the one that left the scar.

MGK’s second hair transplant may have been around 2000 grafts.

How Much Did MGK’s Hair Transplant Cost?

At a decent clinic in the US, EACH of his hair transplants at the time he got them must have cost somewhere between 10,000 to 15,000 US$ (that’s $30k for the complete look).

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machine gun kelly hair transplant before and after result

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