Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey

“Don’t let anyone with bad eyebrows tell you anything about life!”

 It may sound cutthroat but the sentiment is definitely there: eyebrows reflect our expression and emotions and they are, in fashion terms, the “statement piece” of our faces. So, it is only natural that amongst other transplants, eyebrow transplants have also gained popularity over the years. 

Turkey is the leading capital when it comes to transplants including eyebrows. In this article we will try to explain what makes Turkey the right choice for an eyebrow transplant, what are the steps of an eyebrow transplantation and most importantly why it is better than microblading. Keep on reading to inform yourself of the best way to jumpstart your own eyebrow recovery journey!

Eyebrow transplant in Turkey, is it the right choice?

Short answer is: YES! Turkey is the right choice for an eyebrow transplant. Turkey is infamous for transplant procedures and has become the hub for all transplants over the years. With talented doctors, various patient testimonies, positive experiences and top of the line medical techniques Turkey has become the most preferred spot for all kinds of transplant surgeries including eyebrow transplants. 

How common is eyebrow transplant in Turkey, who prefers it?

Eyebrow transplants are pretty common in Turkey, patients sometimes prefer to get an eyebrow and hair transplant at the same time, depending on the availability and the number of viable hair follicles in the donor area. 

A common misconception about eyebrow transplants is that only women prefer them. This is simply not true, people of all genders have them. In fact the percentages are equally spread across genders when it comes to who prefers getting an eyebrow transplant. Your eyebrows complete your look, if you want a better, more refined and more characteristic look to adorn your face you should consider getting an eyebrow transplant. Any prejudgement that might be assigned is completely baseless and quite frankly a little bigoted. 

female eyebrow transplant before after

How is the eyebrow transplantation operation performed?

Unlike a more common hair transplant, the eyebrow transplant is a much simpler operation. Your doctor asks for a consultation to check a) the viability of the patient for the procedure b) the quality of hair follicles in the donor area. For the surgery part the doctor will extract the hair follicles from the allocated donor area and plant them to the eyebrow area with a method chosen by the doctor and then agreed to by the patient. Et voila! Your eyebrow transplant is complete with only a few steps.

5 Basic Steps of an Eyebrow Transplant 

Here is a list of basic steps of eyebrow transplants:

Even though you might prefer one method over the other or you might want a high number of grafts, your doctor will make the most suitable recommendation for your case, observing the density and the health of the hair in the donor and target area. Your doctor will recommend a narrative technique and set the appropriate number of grafts based on the initial impression gotten from the patient’s hair follicle health. 

An eyebrow transplant usually takes somewhere up to 3-5 hours. This can change depending on the technique used and the number of grafts that need to be planted. 

There are two main methods used in eyebrow transplants: the FUE method and the DHI method. Your doctor will start extracting the hair follicles from the donor area with the chosen method.

The most important thing for an eyebrow transplant is the doctor being mindful of the natural direction the eyebrows of the patient are leaning towards. For the most natural look the doctor will plant these grafts accordingly.

After the procedure your doctor will inform you about certain precautions you need to take in order to ensure a successful recovery. You may also be given medication and medical-grade shampoos to take care of both the donor and the target areas.

eyebrow transplant before and after result

Which method is used in eyebrow transplantation?

There are two main methods used in eyebrow transplants: the FUE and the DHI transplant methods. Even though they are pretty similar in theory, they require different levels of expertise and use different instruments.

FUE Eyebrow Transplant

FUE or otherwise known as Follicular Unit Extraction, is the most popular method of transplantation and is a versatile method that the doctors usually opt for because it is proven to be the most effective way that can make a transplant successful for many patients. In the FUE method the grafts are taken and planted with miniscule incisions made into the scalp.

Even though it may sound like it is an irritable operation in most cases, it aids in rejuvenating the scalp and makes the healing process smoother. This method can be very beneficial for people that have prior trauma and scarring. At Vantage Hair we are proud to say we use the Sapphire FUE method which uses blades made of sapphires. It is a cutting edge, pun intended, method used in transplants and the sapphire blades make for a more clean and precise incision. 

DHI Eyebrow Transplant

DHI or otherwise known as Direct Hair Implantation is a recent development in the medical community perfected over the last few years. This technique uses a pen-like instrument, called the Choi Pen, that not only extracts the hair follicles directly from the source but also can implant them. Since this technique does not require an incision, it is simpler, cleaner and may have a shorter recovery time. Since the plantation can be more mechanical it can also offer support in the effort to maintain the natural direction of hair in the eyebrow area.

Is hair used for eyebrow transplantation?

Short answer is yes, a procedure of this kind requires a thinner caliber of hair which can be extracted from the nape of the neck. However in some cases body hair can also be used if the hair is viable for extraction.

How much does eyebrow transplantation cost in Turkey?

Turkey is known for its budget-friendly transplantation operation and this reputation comes certainly with some expectations by potential patients: am I giving up a service I may need if I opt for a more budget-friendly option? This is not the case for clinics in Turkey. You’ll find that most clinics will inform you of the packages and services they provide for the cost.

eyebrow transplant cost

In Turkey eyebrow transplants cost around 1500-2000 USD however the price may increase depending on the services the patient might be in need of like accommodation. At Vantage Hair, our 2024 prices for eyebrow transplants are 1200-1500 USD with a marker for additional services to be added.

Eyebrow transplants vs. microblading: why should I choose the eyebrow transplant?

A question a lot of people ask when they are considering altering the look of their eyebrows is why should I opt for an eyebrow transplant instead of a microblading. Microblading is an aesthetic procedure where the eyebrow area is semi-permanently tattooed for a fuller look. Not only is it not a permanent solution, it is also not a solution where the hair quality is restored for the future. However sometimes patients prefer this aesthetic procedure as it has little to no after-care.

eyebrow transplant vs microblading

Which is cheaper: microblading or eyebrow transplant?

When looked at case by case microblading is significantly cheaper than an eyebrow transplant: microblading can cost around 200-250 USD. However since microblading is not a permanent solution and can fade in a way that would require touch-ups so you may need to 5-6 times in a lifetime. 

Eyebrow Transplant vs Microblading

Eyebrow transplants  Microblading
Operation are medical operations conducted by doctors. aesthetic procedures conducted by certified aestheticians.
Cost around 400 to 1000 USD. around 50-150 USD.
Permanency Is permanent, generating new hair growth. Not permanent, will fade in a few years.
Look Will look natural and have real hair. Does not have real hair, the operation is based on mimicking the look of a hair.
After care Patients are not supposed to wash their faces for the next few days and be mindful of sunburn and irritation.

May require medication and special medical grade products to ensure full recovery.

Patient is not supposed to wash it for that day and be mindful of the sun.

Patients are encouraged to apply medical creams or lotions against rashes and irritation.

Place of operation As surgeries, transplants are conducted in clinics equipped with medical tools and machines and a staff of medical professionals. These procedures can be done in beauty clinics that conduct non-surgical aesthetic operations.

Can it be understood that my eyebrows have been transplanted?

Since your eyebrows might look it has some scarring or scabs due to the operation for the first week your eyebrows may look slanted. This, as your doctor will also tell you, is completely normal. You will also experience some shedding and it will take 4-6 weeks for the regrowth to initiate. 

How long does it take for transplanted eyebrows to grow?

Even though it would take a whole calendar cycle for your eyebrows to completely settle in, for most patients total regrowth can be achieved in 6-8 months. 

male eyebrow transplant before after
female eyebrow transplant before after

FAQs about Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey

How long does eyebrow transplant take, how many days do you need to stay in Turkey?

The eyebrow transplant procedure is a simple one and since the number of grafts are not that high, the entirety of the procedure does not take that long. The eyebrow transplant surgery takes 3-5 hours. So 2 nights and 3 days should be enough, giving you room for you to relax.

How long does it take for eyebrow transplant to heal completely?

The eyebrow transplant takes 6-8 months to completely heal.

Can I shape the transplanted eyebrows like my natural eyebrows?

Of course you can, you can trim or even shape your eyebrows however you see fit. however you should also be mindful of what your doctor will relay to you in terms of over plucking or damaging the transplanted area. You should also wait for your eyebrow to completely heal before shaping your brows.

Can I hide the scar on my eyebrow with eyebrow transplant?

Of course you can, many patients opt for transplants because it can naturally hide scars under hair follicles. 

Are there any risks in eyebrow transplant?

With any procedure there are risks of complications however amongst transplant procedures eyebrow transplants are %98 risk-free, making them the most successful transplant procedures.

Can I also have a hair transplant while having an eyebrow transplant?

Of course! Your doctor will check for viability of the donor follicles and transplant the necessary number of grafts to the eyebrow region during your hair transplant operation.

Article Review By: Dr. Jyothi Shenoy V
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