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We are always happy to see celebrities and influential people in sync with their bodies, and changing their lives through easily available treatments. In an environment where people seek high-risk procedures with no scientific history behind them, a hair transplant is a very simple approach. Unlike exposure to some stem-cell trials, the results of a hair transplant are proven and backed by tens of millions.

Successful coach Deion Sanders has a hair story worth spreading around the universe. We love it when desperation and hair loss related stress turn into a life-changing decision and therefore try our best to analyze celebrity hair success stories. By exploring these real-life experiences, we aim to provide you with premium insight to use for your own benefit.

Without further due, let’s dive into what Deion Sanders has been up to with his hair.

Understanding Deion Sanders’ Battle With Hair Loss

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Coach Sanders has a story of decades of significant hair loss.

“Hair is something else in a man’s life. What hair does to you is unbelievable” Sanders comments.

Conscious about losing his hair since his mid to late twenties, Coach Sanders turned to clean shaves and hats as that was the best thing he could think of. Like most balding men, he had to put up with an unsettling feeling.

The classy and positive person he is, the solution was to be presented to him after not parting with his hat for a couple of decades.

Did Deion Sanders Get A Hair Transplant?

Sanders says in an interview that he wasn’t aware that hair could be brought back. His hair transplant hope started when he heard about Brian Urlacher’s successful hair comeback and texted him immediately. If a solution existed, Sanders was up for it instead of being bald.

Sanders got the info, booked his consultation, and got a FUE hair transplant which he says has changed his life. He now feels on top of his game and the best version of himself. A fun fact is that he also convinced one of his sons to get a hair transplant with him. Sanders’ son was aged 22 at the time with a badly receding hairline, so the hair transplant became a family affair.

After Sanders’ scabs were healed and his first transplanted hair showed up, Sanders took his excitement to social media saying: “I just want you all to know that it feels so good to be back! This ain’t no dye, that’s me! Money is a blessing, I got my hair back!”. This is of course cynical because what he is feeling can’t be bought with money and we wish you all to internalize the same after your own hair transplant.

Comparing Deion Sanders’s Hair Before And After

deion sanders hair transplant before and after

Deion Sanders just before the hair transplant was plain bald. He watched his hairline moving back throughout the years and it was a lot of years. He was in his late twenties when he first noticed his hair fall and hair diffusion. By the time he reached age 33, it was so bad he started shaving it clean.

But there’s a happy ending in his story; the difference after the hair transplant could not be more remarkable. Seeing him so happy about getting his hair back also puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Which Technique Was Used for Sanders’s Hair Transplant?

Follicular Unit Extraction widely known as FUE is a desired method for many reasons and patients often hope to qualify for it. For hair transplant patients with afro hair texture like Deion Sanders, things require a bit of research to find a decent clinic with experience moving coiling hair grafts.

In the past, there wasn’t really a specific tool or technique to move afro hair textured hair around and success rates were low. This is quite the opposite today but one must still make sure they’re in the hands of a hair transplant surgeon with experience in coiling and delicate hair roots.

Where Did Deion Sanders Get His Hair Transplant?

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A clinic based in Chicago, US called Restore handled Deieon Sanders’ hair transplant. His hair transplant was widely used as PR material by the clinic and therefore smells like a sponsored partnership but there isn’t enough evidence to back this up.

Of course, Sanders has a celebrated career, a high net worth, and a busy family life with his five children so he was probably convinced to opt for a US hair transplant clinic to get it done without leaving the country.

There are many other celebrities who use their resources wisely and have had the same quality hair transplant elsewhere, for a fifth of what it costs in the US. We will come to this later with more detail.

Graft Count: How Many Grafts Were Transplanted?

The exact number of grafts transplanted was not revealed by the clinic or Sanders himself and there is an ocean of inaccurate guesses over the internet.

As a matter of fact, at the time of his hair transplant, Sanders was very bald, meaning he only had a very limited supply of donor hair and a large area to be covered. What most don’t realize is that afro hair texture is advantageous when it comes to the illusion of maximum coverage. What this means is that an individual with afro hair can achieve the same coverage with fewer grafts.

Based on Sanders’ limited supply and the generous coverage Afro hair provides, 2500 to 3000 grafts is a fair number to speculate.

How Much Did Deion Sanders’ Hair Transplant Cost?

Again, this information has not been disclosed. It is also unclear if Sanders actually paid for it but that’s not the point. What it does cost at the Chicago clinic mentioned above for a 3000 graft FUE hair transplant sits at 20k and up.

A fun and cost-effective alternative would have been to jump on a direct flight from Chicago to Istanbul. The same quality hair transplant with possibly better results at a top clinic in Istanbul costs a sixth of its US equivalent, including luxury accommodation and other perks.

Don’t Settle For Less Than Deion Sanders’ Hair Transplant. Let Us Help You Get Your Dream Hair!

deion sanders hair transplant before and after result

Let’s do a TLDR summary for short-attention folks; Deion Sanders’ phenomenal hair transplant results caused his soul to glow to its brightest. A great role model, openly talking about his hair transplant all the time, Sanders expresses his gratitude at every opportunity.

If you are experiencing hair loss, you don’t have to wait till Sanders’ age to get a hair transplant. We urge you to act at earlier stages to increase your success rates and reduce stress levels at once.

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