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A legendary example of social climbing, David Beckham’s rags to royalty journey is nothing short of inspirational. Not every son of a hairdresser mother and a kitchen fitter father becomes world famous and filthy rich.

Behind Beckham’s self-made affluence and iconic style lie the good decisions he’s made (not to forget his extremely ambitious wife). Thus, we are here to investigate the good and the great things he has done to improve the quality of his life, with a focus on his HAIR.
Always looking sharp, we want to know all the details about how he manages to look his best all the time now that he’s very close to his 50s.

You will be shocked to see his pictures from some years ago when he had alarming hair thinning and diffusion problems, compared to how he looks in public appearances. The truth is that he wouldn’t have appeared with the same confidence if he was a bald ex-footballer now. So why not look into the details of his hair secrets? Believe it or not, if you are suffering from hair loss, you’ll have a lot to relate to. Let’s dig into the story to find out if David Beckham joined the celebrity hair transplant revolution.

David Beckham’s Iconic Hairstyles Over the Years

david beckham hair styles

Also known for his iconic hairstyles David Beckham has experimented quite a bit with various cuts and styles that characterised an important part of his playbook. Let’s cherish some of David Beckham’s most memorable hairstyles:

david beckham man bun
It won’t be wrong to state that David Beckham started the whole man bun craze which continues to this decade. But back in the day, it wasn’t only extraordinary and unusual but also quite unique. Interestingly, he still rocks the man bun to this day when he has slightly longer hair.

david beckham kurt cobain hair style

This hairstyle is messy, sexy, and wild. It’s in fact when he left his medium length straight cut hair down parting it carelessly in the middle looking exactly like the late Kurt Cobain (minus the grunge grease).

david beckham double ponytail

Same hair and length as the Kurt Cobain hair but parted into an upper and a lower ponytail.

david beckham braids

Whatever the man styled his hair, including cornrows and braids, the man looked good against all odds.

david beckham mohawk

The famous David Beckham mohawk was another iconic style introduced by David Beckham. It made him look wilder and naughtier than he actually is and guess what? People love that!

david beckham wedding cut

When Beckham attended the Royal wedding in 2018, we saw him with a sporty but elegantly appropriate haircut which can only be described as the Royal Wedding cut.

Understanding Beckham’s Battle With Hair Loss

Beckham had golden blond, healthy, straight, long hair as a teenager and through his twenties. Back then, he looked closer to an Australian surfer or an American rock star than an emerging British footballer. He had an abundance of hair and there were no signs that he would one day develop a fear of losing his hair.

As he grew older he realized that he may face hair loss. Beckham says in an interview that he found it quite depressing to watch his hairline recede as he started losing some hair on his temples in his thirties.

Comparing David Beckham’s Hair Before And After

Beckham’s overall hair situation held up alright up until his mid-thirties so he might be considered somewhat lucky in the hair department.

But we must remember that he is an affluent celebrity who loves to play around with his hair as part of his re-created, refreshed identity each and every time. When it’s about hair, things go beyond just changing hairstyles. That’s because Beckham is able to cause a tsunami in the world of fashion just by changing the way he styles his hair, for millions to immediately adopt.

david beckham hair transplant before and after result

David Beckham’s most heartbreaking picture ever taken was probably this one from 2020. The buzz cut he seems to return every now and then shows the severe diffusion he’s suffering from.

Even in this state, his weakened hairline still has its original shape which is positive.

The curious thing is that in this picture, he was caught off-guard when he wasn’t in a sharp suit all ready to go somewhere public. When he is attending a public event, be it the races, a derby, or a fashion/business dinner, his hair looks full, dense, and simply different.

So how does David Beckham get his hair back when he wants? What is his magic instrument that makes his hair look triple the size in public events? Did he undergo a hair transplant after this photo was taken? Read on because we’re here to demystify all celebrity hair secrets.

David Beckham’s Hair Transformation: A Closer Look

david beckham hair transplant before after

Even though Beckham has lost hair density and has developed a visible widow’s peak due to aging, there are a few possible reasons why his hair still looks much better than it actually is in the shower.

First and foremost he’s definitely on all existing hair medications and supplements combined. He must be also using special shampoos, hair tonics, derma rollers, and other topical treatments to support continuing hair growth.

Beckham’s close affiliation with hair care and grooming brands is not just a business interest, he really cares about his hair and therefore believes in this specific product range.

Besides the effort to stimulate healthy hair growth, we won’t be surprised if he empties two cans of hair fibers every time before he goes out.

Did David Beckham Get A Hair Transplant?

This is a man with an infinite net worth and prioritized access to everything he wants. The thing is that this access includes access to privacy. If he desires to get a hair transplant without any trace, he can. The FUE method where individual hair grafts are implanted in the recipient area, shows great performance when it comes to healing speed. Scabs fall off within the first ten days following the procedure after which there are hardly any signs of the procedure for the untrained eye.

For now, Beckham seems to put time and effort into using hair growth medications and scalp TLC. We will just wait and see when he decides that it’s time to undergo a hair transplant for a permanent solution to his hair thinning problems. It’s important to mention that the more you wait, the weaker your chances are to spare healthy donor hair for a successful transplant.

 david beckham hair transplant before and after

Which Hair Transplant Technique Was Used?

Due to the hairline design flexibility and natural-looking results, it provides, FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is often the preferred method these days. As explained above, it involves moving individual hair grafts around the scalp one by one, and thus the procedure takes a bit of time.

Other than that, the micro incisions made during the surgery heal very quickly and a capable surgeon can create fantastic results. Our definition of great results here is when the hairline suits your facial features and every single hair is exactly where it needs to be.

Graft Count: How Many Grafts Were Transplanted?

David Beckham would look amazing with added density and a corrected hairline and achieving this sort of fresh look will take him back at least a decade in age.

His problem areas are his receding temples and the diffusion on top of his head. This means that he’ll need a hair transplant session with a minimum of 2500 grafts but it won’t hurt to go up to 3000 grafts given that not all hair grafts may take.

How Much Could David Beckham’s Hair Transplant Cost?

david beckham hair transplant before after result

This is a tricky question because central London prices will differ from the cost of a hair transplant of the same quality elsewhere in the world.

A surgeon at the famous Harley Street Clinic may charge the highest per graft cost that ever exists and Beckham should expect to pay at least $12,000 for 2500 to 3000 grafts.

Important to note here that a fancy upmarket clinic in London can make you feel good but there are hair transplant surgeons elsewhere who provide the same results for much, much less. Remember that there’s a fair market value for everything and the rest is about the choices we make. What if we told you that the fair value for a 2500 to 3000 graft hair transplant of the highest quality is in fact between $2500-$3000? Read below to find out where!

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