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Did Sylvester Stallone have a hair transplant, what is the secret behind his thick hair? Granpa Rocky seems to have an infinite supply of hair at age 78. If you want to know how you’re reading the right resource.

As hair experts, we do notice before anyone else when celebrities start showing the first signs of hair loss. What we also notice is the opposite; when they don’t show any signs of it and that’s suspicious because not losing any hair is against the natural flow of life and the aging process.

Even the genetically lucky few shed some hair at Stallone’s age but his hairline seems to just remain as is, if not stronger. Our Italian Stallion has hair secrets and we are here to reveal them. Our mission is to provide accurate information on celebrity hair resurrection stories so that you too are informed about the available options against hair loss.

Let’s see if Sly got himself a membership at the celebrity hair transplant club or is he perhaps, the charter member of the club? Let’s get it!

Understanding Sylvester Stallone’s Battle With Hair Loss

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For decades Stallone never seemed to have any hair problems. His strong and unbreakable image was complemented by his black, healthy, and plentiful hair. At least this is what we see until his mid-fifties or so.

When we look at the men in the Stallone family including Rocky’s father and brother, their hairline held up quite well.

However, analyzing his pictures from the late 90ies chronologically and carefully, his hairline recession can be observed. But then from the year 2000 onwards the fragile-looking hairline and its weakening state becomes really dense and great again.

What all of these translate into is that Stallone does care about his hair and tracks it like a clock. That’s why at age 78, he has still amazing hair.

Did Sylvester Stallone Get A Hair Transplant?

To answer the question, let’s go back in time. In fact, the list of all of the cosmetic procedures Rocky has had on his face alone is a long one but we’ll focus on those related to his hair here.

We do see him with a slight hairline recession that started all the way back in his late twenties but it has not advanced significantly throughout his thirties and forties. In the year 2000 when he was 54, we do see a high conviction of a hair transplant through FUT (Follicular Unit Transfer). Remember that back in 2000, FUE was not an option as it’s a newer technique.

Following the FUT in 2002 when he was 56 years old came a change in his forehead size as well as the shape of his hairline. There are signs of a forehead reduction along with a brow lift. This is a smart move as his surgeon could address two birds with one stone through a single incision.

Bonus: His brother Frank Stallone also had a hair transplant and his hair transplant is way more obvious.

Comparing Sylvester Stallone’s Hair Before And After

sylvester stallone hair transplant before and after result

If we travel way back in the time machine, it isn’t hard to take notice that Stallone had the initial signs of male pattern baldness starting in 1974 at age 28. There isn’t much the untrained eye can see but it certainly is the initial stages of male pattern baldness with frontal and temple recessions. His 1974 look can be considered a stage 2 on the Norwood system to measure baldness.

For many decades afterward, Stallone’s hairline seems to hold strong without signs of any type of procedure. Fast forward to the year 2000, it’s highly likely that he got a hair transplant because of the change in his hairline in shape and density.

About two years later is when he underwent surgical hairline lowering together with the eyebrow lift. Signs of this procedure are most evident when Stallone gets a tan and a white line along his hairline just sits there.

Which Hair Transplant Technique Was Used for Sylvester Stallone?

Back when Rambo had his hair transplant done, FUT was the only available option and so that’s basically where we stand from a logical point of view. Under normal circumstances the FUT procedure leaves a linear scar on the back of the head but because Stallone never shaves that part of his head, his strip surgery scar has not been spotted.

On the forehead reduction front which is another procedure that he had, it’s important to note that this isn’t necessarily a hair transplant but more of a surgical trick where the hairline is brought to the front.

Number of Grafts: How Many Grafts Were Transplanted into Sylvester Stallone’s Hair?

sylvester stallone hair transplant before and after

Thanks to advancements in the medical scene, what seemed to be a lot of grafts back in 2000 is now considered a mini-hair transplant.

We already talked about the FUT procedure he had back in the year 2000 and in that single procedure, we are looking at at least 1000, possibly 1200 grafts.

How Much Did Sylvester Stallone’s Hair Transplant Cost?

Talking numbers from decades ago doesn’t make much sense now but with the value of today’s money, he could have paid $25k or more for the FUT.

A 1200 graft hair transplant does not cost this much even in the US but we must take into consideration that Sylvester Stallone is a God-level celebrity and it’s unrealistic to imagine him hitting just any hair transplant clinic that charges mediocre prices.

His surgical hairline adjustment should have cost him somewhere between $15k and 20k.

Don’t Settle For Less Than Sylvester Stallone’s Hair Transplant. Let Us Help You Get Your Dream Hair!

sylvester stallone hair transplant before after result

What we can extract from Sylvester Stallone’s hair transplant story is that even though he was blessed with good genes, he did all that he could to protect and maintain what he had. This includes his muscle mass, hair, and his overall health.

Regardless of ethnicity, it is very rare to see men aging with a full head of hair like the Stallone family. Hair loss is a very common issue and no longer a stigma as it can easily be reversed through a hair transplant.

If your hair loss is bothering you, just know that it’s destined to get worse in time if you do nothing about it. Having said that, in 2024, balding is a choice. High-tech and affordable treatments are available to all of us with FUE hair transplant leading the way.

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